With the ever-growing trends in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the Chatbot technology has indeed gained a huge demand across various verticals in the business industry. Chatbots are useful for increasing the customer efficiency, providing them with the right service, personalization and customized recommendations to the customers and so on. Automated customer query redressal, personalized recommendations and e-commerce conversions all of these have a major influence of the Chatbot Technology which has indeed changed the way in the functioning of the e-commerce industry.

With the help of AI, WhatsApp chatbots are making a huge growth in targeted marketing and ecommerce conversions to a whole new different level.

Primary Role of WhatsApp Chatbots in the E-Commerce industry

1. Providing a consumer-centric shopping experience:

Customer service is an important aspect that builds or breaks the brand image of a business organization. Having a proper functioning WhatsApp account helps the businesses to maintain and foster effective and cordial relationships with the customers that is essential in making a difference with the customers. WhatsApp Chatbots are a convenient way to remain in touch with the customers and making sure that they are able to have a proper and a resourceful shopping experience with the company.

2. Providing 24/7 Assistance:

Chatbots are an efficient way providing round the clock assistance to the customers which is extremely helpful and also enables the business to gain more followers by maintaining the brand visibility which in turn increases the chances of the transformation of the potential leads to existing customers. This is a major advantage of having a 2

4/7 customer assistance that is made possible with the help of AI enabled chatbots that offer a complete new way of strengthening the expansion of opportunities on a global scale. Automated and personalized notifications are another attractive feature offered by Chatbots which make the business approachable at all times.

3. Engages Customers with Personalized Recommendations:

Chatbots play a major role in engaging customers by sending out personalized recommendations. personalized messages is always a plus point for every customer as it makes them feel valued and add a touch of personalization and customization which further adds to the value of increasing and engaging customers with the best solutions like personalized and customized recommendation messages and add a unique way of application that eventually results in lead generation to the business organization.  

4. Secure Transactions and Data Protection:

Chatbots that are used in the business accounts of WhatsApp have the hold of making secure transactions that are done by the customers in the form of payments for the products purchased. These transactions are made in a secured way by making sure that the information and all the credentials of the customers are securely stored with the help of AI technology that makes sure that no detail of the customer information is sent out to any third party vendors which is a definite way of making sure that the data is breached by the unscrupulous elements which takes a huge toll on the efficiency and credibility of the business organization.

5. Increases up-selling and cross-selling activities of the business organization:

Chatbots play a major role in augmenting the growth of the selling efforts of the organization which is definitely a game changer as it plays a major role in increasing the economic and business value of the company in the form of receiving more leads that add up to the value of the organization and reflect the credibility and importance on the global standards of the market.

In this way, chatbots have a major role to play in the e-commerce industry as they increase the leads, enable the company to get a lot of exposure and increase the chances for the supreme growth and development of the company in the international market scene.