Human Development

We talked a lot in the past that the world is now in a new transitional stage, and its features have recently started to appear on many important levels. That includes turning to smart and domestic work and safe investments in e-commerce (small and medium enterprises), and investment in the artificial intelligence sector of applications, robots and systems, communication and many other sectors and fields.

The greatest focus in all of our conversations was the shift from the era of degrees to skills and experiences. In my opinion: Our societies still view the change taking place with suspicion, mistrust, and waiting, perhaps the same eye that still doubts (despite all the evidence) the Earth’s sphericity, space invasion, scientific and civilizational development, etc.

The reality of the situation is very unfortunate because we place ourselves with our full will in the back rows always, and we are satisfied with this result, which is mainly made by our hands alone.

The knowledge revolution that we are living now is available to anyone who wants it because it does not need capital, factories, or even manpower. But only needs a little awareness of what is going on, a different angle of view, and an open mind moving away from the illusions of the past and directing the eyes on the future. I think this is simply the combination of a safe passage to the next stage of human development.