Sometimes it becomes difficult to decide where the jurisdiction of the HR department begins and ends. While some organizations include recruitment under HR, the payroll is administered by accounting in others.

Thus, it’s pretty natural that HR software mirrors these blurred boundaries and vendors find it hard to target prospects.

While functions of several latest technologies come under the HR label act, they raise the alarm for employees.

Following are some examples of alarming HR technologies:

1. Profiling: while many would say that recruitment software is longer under HR’s jurisdiction, this statement does not change the function of the software. And some recruitment software can be termed discriminatory concerning its functions, especially when you add controversial profiling filters like gender, race, religion etc.
2. Surveillance: Privacy is primarily raised as a consumer issue. However, employees have privacy-related concerns too. Employees’ privacy becomes prominent when technology is constantly being utilized to monitor employees’ different activities outside their working hours. For example, technology that monitors and tracks employees’ social security numbers, tax payments, and returns will need urgent policy creation.  
3. Scoring: Gamification is the latest trend for motivating employees by incorporating a scoring system that you find in games. However, even this technology is subject to scrutiny as scoring systems are unreliable when assessing employee ability.
How to deal with HR software leads?

The above-discussed technologies have benefits in terms of their functions. You can even market them as the main components of your lead generation campaign. Thus, it wouldn’t be wise to break association with these HR practices. Then what can you do?

Educate your prospects on how to use the technology properly. · Embrace it: By this, it does not necessarily imply promoting abusive user behaviour. It simply implies that make effective use of these functions considering their positives.

Change the way you associate your HR practices with it: Before thinking about changing the technology, go ahead and, firstly, change the people who wanted these technologies.  

Reputation management

Reputation management is essential for any business entity. However, its scope is not limited to project a positive image of an organization. It has a broader ambit with more meaningful responsibilities. It’s the main job of the HR team to attract deserving people to work for your organization while also keeping your existing employees happy with your company culture. This can be achieved through a capable HR team who efficiently uses HR-related technologies and improves their tasks. 

Concluding Thoughts

While technology has taken over executing various HR operations, your organization cannot ignore their alarming functions. However, dissociating your organization entirely from the functions of HR software leads is also not the smart choice. Thus, make their proper usage while also taking care of your reputation.  

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