Digital Marketing

The primary focus or challenge of any small business or startups is to bring in the first group of customers through the door. With this focus in mind, they usually resort to traditional forms of advertising such as print ads and coupon mailers or banners and big hoarding signs on the sides of the roads. While this strategy may bring in the customers over time, there is an easy and better way to do it.

Small businesses should consider the vast marketplace of prospects online. About 87 % of buyers start searching for products to buy online. It is the reason small businesses should go the extra mile and invest in digital marketing. ONPASSIVE has brought in its AI-enabled ‘Digital Marketing’ tool as a part of its smart business solution to help small business owners. We give you reasons why small businesses should use the digital marketing platform in their businesses.

Digital Marketing builds lasting customer relationships:

If small business owners know their target customers and the products even better, digital marketing is a remarkable tool. It helps customers keep coming back for more and also keeps the competition at bay. Unlike many in-store buying experiences, digital marketing does not stop at checkout and goes further in ensuring a buying customer becomes the brand’s ambassador.

Here are some tips for retaining your loyal customers through digital marketing:

  • Resort to digital testimonials from happy customers rather than the old ‘word of mouth.’ Use these testimonials on your website and social media.
  • Initiate the use of email campaigns instead of physical letters or pamphlets. Automated personalized emails to your customers is a nice touch.
  • Engage customers on social media after they have bought a product from your store to keep them inclined towards your store and products.

Learn customers’ needs and profitably fulfill them:

Effective digital marketing helps in attracting, capturing, and converting leads into customers. For that to happen, small business owners must identify the target customers’ needs and strive to fulfill those demands. Onboarding digital marketing in your marketing strategy helps you learn the online habits of customers for you to target ideal customers.

ONPASSIVE’s digital tools can help small business owners help identify their ideal customer’s interests, how to approach them with a hyper-personalized, warm proposal and, eventually convert them into buying customers.

A multichannel approach to boost conversions:

Keep this in mind that your potential customers can be anywhere online. They could be lurking anywhere in the digital marketing channels like email marketing, Facebook, Google Ads, social media marketing, SEO, etc. Small business owners should consider this hunting ground to reach their audience and get them to buy their products or service.

Despite the channels being different from each other in approach, small business owners can plan a strategy in general and customize the messages to a diverse audience to boost conversions. Banking on digital marketing’s multichannel platform helps you find and engage potential customers wherever they are online. You can also tap them in whichever favorite platform they prefer.

Affordable than traditional marketing:

A radio, TV or billboard ad campaign is beyond reach for a small business owner. But they can comfortably afford digital marketing and can reach out and engage with the ideal audience. In digital marketing itself, free, organic search still dictates web traffic more than traffic driven by paid campaigns.

Having a Google My Business (GMB) profile helps big time to boost your local SEO search visibility and increase foot traffic from smartphone users if you are a local business. Your online reputation gets a boost if you have positive reviews posted on GMB. All this at a minimal or no cost.

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In conclusion, If you have not yet implemented digital marketing for your small business, do it now. It is easier to hitch a ride on the digital marketing bandwagon now, with thousands of tools available for affordable prices for any small business. ONPASSIVE’s digital marketing is one such tool that gives you the traction that you always wanted to push your small business into the big league. It only requires a meager advertising budget, some free time, and a lot of will for learning before you start seeing some great results in your small business.