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It’s a technology-driven world, and the people, organizations, processes, and our day-to-day activities could not operate without the involvement of digital mediums.

Technology has influenced our priorities to such an extent that there are countries with a scarcity of water. Still, citizens have smartphones with them, which helps them to socialize, stay connected to create online communities and perform activities, such as shopping, booking services, travel, interact, and conduct business.

In such a case, companies have a vast opportunity to fill the demand and supply gap. Technology is proving to be a boon in terms of creating a buzz among the netizens. It helps in establishing a connection between brands and their prospects. A few companies create tools that help companies to build that connection.

One such example is ONPASSIVE. But in this article, we will see how ONPASSIVE is different and much bigger than other online business providers.

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What is ONPASSIVE? How would it help companies to promote themselves and sell what they have to offer?

ONPASSIVE is a tech-driven company that develops end-to-end online business transformation tools. The specialty of these tools is the integration of Artificial Intelligence that makes it unique and different from other online solutions.

In simple words, it helps companies to automate their business operations to make their business handsfree and standalone. After the installation of the smart plug-n-play tools, there will be very minimal or almost no human interference.

Below are the areas which will be automated and optimized by ONPASSIVE’s online solution that would help companies to sell and promote more effectively:

1. Online Transformation:

The first thing that you will notice after using ONPASSIVE tools is the transformation of your business from offline to online. Unless your business is online, it would be a tedious, expensive, and time-consuming process to promote it.

Hence, ONPASSIVE helps you to mark your presence online by creating your domain name, website, company profile on social media sites and building community pages for your potential customers to interact and share feedback.

2. Increasing Visibility:

Just because your business has a website and social media presence, it doesn’t make it visible to your customers. ONPASSIVE tools are designed to automate the content and social media post generations. These tools automatically identify which content should be delivered to whom by analyzing and creating buyers’ personas.

3. Automated Campaigns and Promotions:

ONPASSIVE tools help you deliver personalized communication to the right audience at the right time using the refined customer database. The entire process of identifying the customer purchase cycle and buying stage, customizing the content, and delivering the content at the right time, is automated and needs no human interference. The tools are used to create content that is delivered through videos, social media posts, or email campaigns.

Such an automated process helps in receiving relevant leads, potential customers who are more likely to take desired actions, and also helps in generating a high return on investment (ROI).

4. Efficient Sales Process:

With ONPASSIVE AI playing your role, the lead identification, interaction, and conversion process become highly effective. Each stage is tracked and monitored by the AI and directs sales representatives to take the desired call based on the real-time data in hand.

Along with that, the customer service team gets notified with the current status, such as the delivery of a purchase, that helps them share it with the customers in case they raise a query.

So the points, as mentioned above, are the ways ONPASSIVE helps companies to promote themselves without putting any human effort. It helps them deliver their products to the audience who are searching for the same right now. It increases visibility by establishing a connection between you, as a company, with potential customers. Join ONPASSIVE to experience how AI technology could transform your business into complete online success.

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