Video sharing with O-Connect

Video conferencing is becoming a norm currently, and many remote companies, along with hybrid companies, are using video conferencing to conduct in-house meetings. It is essential to have better and more advanced features for such tools in order to have a smooth conversation between the people involved. Low-quality video calls are bad for productivity, and dropped calls are a major annoyance around the work. 

Post-pandemic, many businesses switched their meetings to virtual environments where it is easy for them to include their employees from other regional branches. There are many video conferencing tools in the market, but today this blog will discuss the latest tool “OCONNECT” which is developed by ONPASSIVE. OCONNECT is designed keeping in mind all the requirements of a company to give seamless and clear communication. 

Sharing Videos During Webinars

Nowadays, the need for conventional meetings is eliminated by the increased popularity of video conferencing platforms. Many companies are using them to provide training for their employees, hire recruits, or organize team meetings. There are several features in these platforms that can help make the participants more productive. 

One of the interesting features of video conferencing tools is to share videos during the webinars to give more clarity while giving a presentation or during an explanatory session. This helps in the swift flow of information between all the participants in the webinar or the video conference, giving them insight into the details of the presentation. 

Share YouTube Videos with OCONNECT

YouTube has innumerable videos on almost all subjects. Sometimes, there are useful videos related to marketing and other business techniques, but you are unable to show them during a video conferencing session. OCONNECT makes sure that not only the videos from your system are played during the webinar but also YouTube videos that you would want to show during the session can be played through the platform. 

Sharing YouTube videos on the webinar is one of the unique features of OCONNECT. The presenter can share the video through YouTube and have an explanatory session that can engage the participants more. There are times when you want to refer to other videos from YouTube during a video conference, but you are unable to play them. With OCONNECT, you can play those videos and have a fulfilling discussion along with them. 

Apart from this, OCONNECT can also share other external sources while conducting the webinar. This helps in making the session more attractive and interesting. In this digital era, keeping the participants engaged and involved in webinars is vital. Sharing videos from external sources on the platform is a smart move to keep the content’s relevancy intact and engross the participants in the session.

Other Exceptional Features of OCONNECT

Businesses are integrating video conferencing sessions into their daily tasks, and they need new and improved features to perform varied functions in the company. OCONNECT is developed keeping in mind the various requirements of different businesses. 

  • Prompter 

One of its fabulous features includes a prompter. This is a very useful feature where you can prepare notes beforehand to give a presentation. The prompter will show you the notes on the screen while you can confidently present to the audience. The notes will not be shown to anyone else but the presenter. It is a lifesaver for those who have a lot on their plate and sometimes tend to forget the crucial details at an important conference. 

  • Background theme

The world is shrinking with globalization, and many businesses have overseas offices. Sometimes you want to celebrate an occasion or give a big announcement to the team. OCONNECT has got you covered with this feature, where you can select a background theme and embrace the experience with your colleagues. This is one of the best features while calling your friends and family as well.

  • Reactions

Sometimes you want to express yourself in more than just words. OCONNECT has an outstanding feature that can translate your emotions into the form of reactions. There are different emojis to choose from while you are in the session. You can easily select the emoji and send it for everyone to see. It may boost the confidence of the presenter and improve the ongoing session.

  • Noise cancellation

There are instances where external noises ruin the webinar and disturb the participants. OCONNECT gives you a perfect solution for such a situation. The noise cancellation feature helps everyone have a smooth and peaceful session. It is good to have an unperturbed meeting, especially if it is professional.

  • Screen capture

We used to screenshot several things on our smartphones. Have you ever wanted to screenshot a special moment on your laptop or computer? With OCONNECT, it is possible. You can easily screen capture any moment you wish during the video conference. It will save in your system, and you can cherish it afterward. 

Take Away

A video conferencing platform can help you effectively work with customers and clients, regardless of where they are located. Video conferencing meetings are becoming essential for companies where employees are working from home or in a hybrid setting. OCONNECT has unique features that can help you easily plan your next webinar. 

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