Everyone nowadays uses social media regularly. As a result, many of us could also be considered screen addicts. This is why businesses are keen to capitalise on our continual interaction with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. As a result, an increasing number of businesses are adopting artificial intelligence in social media strategies to better engage with potential clients. 

Because of AI technologies like recommendation engines and chatbots, a single click may influence what alerts appear on our social media accounts – posts, adverts, friend suggestions, and more. Furthermore, AI technologies such as facial recognition and NLP assist businesses in improving customer service and efficiently marketing their products.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Social Media

AI is a crucial component of the popular social media platforms you use daily for instance:

  • Facebook employs advanced machine learning to deliver you content, recognise your face in photos, and target users with ads
  • Instagram employs AI to recognise images
  • LinkedIn employs AI to provide job suggestions, suggest people you should connect with, and serve you specific content in your feed
  • Snapchat uses AI to track your features and apply real-time filters which move with your face.

These are just a few instances of how AI is used behind the scenes to power features on the world’s most popular social media platforms. Furthermore, AI and machine learning regulate how the content you create and the advertising you buy are presented in front of viewers across all social media platforms, often in ways that aren’t obvious to marketers.

All of this is to imply that AI is an integral aspect of how today’s social networks work. However, AI is frequently used behind the scenes of prominent platforms and at the sole discretion of the platform’s owner.

That isn’t to say that marketers can’t use artificial intelligence in social media. Indeed, there are many commercially available artificial intelligence social media monitoring and marketing tools for a variety of applications.

Ways to Use AI, Ml Technologies for Social Media

Management and Creation of Social Networks

Marketers devote a significant amount of work to developing social media content and managing distribution and interaction across channels. This is made more accessible using a standard social media management platform that streamlines social media scheduling and monitoring. However, AI tools go a step further.

Some tools can automatically generate social media material across networks, including hashtags and shortened links. There are also tools available to bulk-schedule these shares. In general, today’s AI tools can handle some forms of social media creation and management in a matter of minutes.

Social Media Intelligence and Listening

Your brand’s social media profiles and audience can be analysed using an AI-powered social monitoring tool or social listening service. This frequently entails deploying AI to analyse large amounts of social data, decipher what’s being said in them, and extract insights based on that data.

When such data is appropriately utilised, AI social media monitoring tools may assist you in tracking worldwide brand mentions, identifying rising consumer trends, identifying new audiences to target, monitoring brand reputation, and identifying promising new channels for social media marketing. Moreover, these actionable insights are supplied in near real-time, giving businesses an advantage over their competitors.

Advertising on Social Media

Almost every social media network allows marketers to run sponsored advertising to platform users based on precise demographic and behavioural targeting. Marketers, on the other hand, must still write or generate ad creativity.

Today, there are artificial intelligence technologies that will write your Facebook and Instagram ads for you. Thanks to AI’s capacity to predict which language will boost outcomes at scale, the advertising is optimised for clicks and conversions.

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Benefits of AI in Social Media

Increased Audience Participation

Artificial intelligence allows firms to have a deeper understanding of their target audience and their preferences. As a result, they’ll be more equipped to develop material that piques their interest and motivates them to take the appropriate action.

Enhanced Efficiency

Marketers may streamline their operations and operate more efficiently by delegating burdensome and tedious activities to AI. You’ll save time and energy that you can put toward things that require human effort to complete.

Advertising is More Intelligent

You won’t have to squander your marketing cash on ineffective ads now that AI is on your side. Instead, you can convert prospects and customers by sending them the correct message at the right moment.

Content Targeting is More Precise

Using artificial intelligence to track your audience’s social media behaviours and preferences will provide you with explicit knowledge of appealing to them by providing content they’ll want to connect with and share.

Low Advertising Expenditures 

Artificial intelligence can totally or partially automate time-consuming and labour-intensive processes that are causing your team to get overwhelmed. As a result, your marketing activities will demand less staff, and your advertising budget will be better utilised. In addition, your campaigns are sure to produce unique outcomes that help to revenue growth thanks to the data-driven predictions and decisions you make.


By 2023, the social media industry for artificial intelligence is estimated to reach $2.1 billion. AI is increasingly being used by businesses to handle different elements of their day-to-day operations, mainly social media marketing initiatives. For example, suppose your organisation is serious about using social media to engage with customers, create leads, and promote your brand. In that case, AI can help you take your strategy to the next level, giving you a competitive advantage in your sector. Contact us to learn more about the best AI-powered social media marketing platform.