Healthcare Chatbots

As technology progresses in leaps and bounds, many of the most innovative projects are popping up on the healthcare scene. Chatbots have been around for a while, but it seems like they’re getting more popular – so much so that people are now creating chatbots specifically for health care! There are over 20 million user interactions with healthcare chatbots every month, and they’ve been credited with everything from helping to provide care coordination to reducing medication errors. In this article, we take a look at some of our favorite healthcare chatbots.

What Are Healthcare Chatbots?

Healthcare chatbots are computer programs that help patients interact with healthcare providers online. They can help patients schedule appointments, ask questions about their health, and get advice on health-related topics.

Healthcare chatbots are so popular because they are easy to use. Patients can interact with the bots by voice or text, which makes them accessible to a wide range of people. Additionally, healthcare chatbots can answer questions quickly and accurately, which helps patients feel confident about their interactions with healthcare providers.

Apart from helping patients with their health, healthcare chatbots can also help them save money. Using the bots, patients can avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor or hospital trips. In addition, the bots can remind patients about upcoming appointments and provide information about health-related topics.

10 Different Healthcare Chatbots That You Should Try

Healthcare chatbots are becoming more and more popular, and for a good reason. They can help make your life easier by providing information on various health topics.

Here are seven healthcare chatbots that you should try:

1. Livewell24: This healthcare chatbot provides information on various health topics. It includes things like diet, lifestyle, and fitness advice.

2. MyHealthRecord: This healthcare chatbot is designed to help you manage your health records. You can access it through the myHCP app or the myHCP website.

3. NHS Choices: This healthcare chatbot is designed to help you find information on various health topics. It includes things like medical advice, symptoms, and treatments.

4. Patient UK: This healthcare chatbot is designed to help you find information on various health topics. It includes things like NHS treatments and procedures, as well as generic therapies and medications.

5. eHealthMe: This healthcare chatbot is designed to help you find information on various health topics. It includes things like diseases and conditions, treatment options, and symptoms.

6. Glow Health: Glow Health is a healthcare chatbot that helps you to manage your health and wellness. It provides you with tips and advice on topics such as diet, exercise, stress relief, and sleeping habits.

7. LiveHealth: LiveHealth is a healthcare chatbot that helps you stay healthy by tracking your health data and providing personalized advice. It offers various services such as weight loss, diabetes management, and cancer screening.

8. My Health Record: My Health Record is a Healthcare Chatbot that helps you to keep track of your health information. It allows you to share your medical records with other people in your household so they can get care if needed. My Health Record also offers a range of features to help you manage your health, such as disease prevention tips, sleep tracking, and meal planning. 

9. Zendesk: Zendesk is a customer experience chatbot that helps you manage your online company interactions. It offers many relevant features, such as email alerts, voice recognition, and a mobile app to help you manage your online conversations.

10. Pindrop: Pindrop is an AI chatbot that can help you to monitor your children’s online habits. It provides users with insights about their children based on AI technology and its user-generated data.

Role Of Healthcare Chatbots

Healthcare Chatbots are revolutionizing the way patients communicate with their healthcare providers. In addition to providing patients with a convenient and efficient way to share with their healthcare providers, healthcare chatbots can also help to improve communication between healthcare providers and patients. Healthcare chatbots can help to streamline communication by automating specific tasks, such as scheduling appointments or requesting medication refills.

In addition to helping to improve communication, healthcare chatbots can also reduce administrative costs by automating specific tasks. For example, a healthcare chatbot could be used to schedule appointments for patients or request medication refills for patients. By automating these tasks, healthcare providers can focus on more important matters and reduce the number of administrative tasks they have to perform.

The role of healthcare chatbots in business is increasing, and there is no doubt that they will continue to play an essential role in the future of healthcare. By leveraging the power of AI, healthcare chatbots continue to evolve and become more engaging for patients. This will help patients to become better informed about their medical care and improve their overall health. 

Patients who are better informed about their medical care tend to be more engaged in their health and make healthier choices. When patients know what to expect and understand their options, they are more likely to follow through with recommended treatments and actively manage their health. This can lead to better overall health for the patient and potentially lower costs for the healthcare system.


Healthcare Chatbots are quickly becoming a popular trend in the healthcare industry. These chatbots can help to improve patient care by providing an automated way for patients to communicate with their doctors and nurses. Not only that, but they can also help to reduce wait times and improve overall patient satisfaction. If you’re looking for a healthcare chatbot that you can use in your clinic or hospital, check out some of the top options!