IP tracking software

The Intellectual Property or IP department in any company works to protect their research activities and takes IP-related decisions. IP management gives a business a competitive advantage.

However, In the IP department, AI has a profound effect. AI is typically applied to automate day-to-day activities and provide improved IP data insight. Also, it has enhanced the IP tracking software giving better configuration. Let’s understand what is IP tracking software.

What is IP Tracking software?

IP trackers are tools to identify any system with IP addresses that have been configured across your network. The key feature of IP tracking online is the reconciliation of installed equipment with that documented by your network. Below is the list of the best IP tracking software for all environment types:

  • Solarwinds IP Address Tracker
  • WhatIsMyIPAddress
  • Advanced IP Scanner
  • IP Tracker
  • LizardSystems Network Scanner

So, if you are looking to secure your site with a multi-featured tracking tool, checkout OTRACKER by ONPASSIVE. It has various features like detailed analytics, deo-fencing, real-time insights and many more.

Role of IP department

A company must first determine what is needed in this department. Thus, check out what are the roles of the IP department:

  • Identify and order current IP rights 
  • Protection of IP rights
  • Identification and reduction of management cost 
  • Reduce expenses including costs for IP login processes and renewals
  • License and rights sharing arrangements, negotiation and drafting

Use of Artificial Intelligence in IP Department

In the automation IP searches standard workflow, AI technologies play a crucial role. There are eight ways AI technology helps the department. Check out below:

In-house/outsource patentability searches are carried out by IP teams on R&D inventions submitted. The AI innovations are using NLP, machine learning and semantical analyses to radicalize traditional patentability research. 

IP teams take a more oriented approach to submit IP. This method of invasion using artificial intelligence in real-time and quicker plays a crucial role.

  • Abandonment Decisions 

AI algorithms monitor a competitor’s product in a procedure and then replace a repetitive manual scan with an automatic alerting method.

  • Identification of Key Patents Portfolio 

AI helps in finding main portfolio patents which is overwhelming. The technology helps in contrasting competing information with patent information.

  • Disability Automation Search

AI understands the context of text data and matches the similarity between various texts.

It uses NLP or machine learning algorithms for invalidation.

  • Systemic Information Sharing with Advanced Technology

Via implementation of AI-based strategies, focus warnings and threat synchronisation in global offices is solved by keeping global offices/divisions in line with emerging technology and upgrades. 

  • Inventor Consultancy Automation

The IP teams ask inventors a variety of questions to clarify their inventions. In almost real-time, AI technology will help IP divisions to get reports and observations from the system that enable them to ask concentrated questions and conclude novel facets of the innovation.

  • Ideation Automation

AI can grasp and propose new ideas to consumer technologies. It helps to identify the application’s complexity and additional methods for a successful draught.


As Day-to-day IP activities can take time, AI technology provides practitioners with the opportunity to concentrate their portfolio on more strategic decisions. It would also increase accuracy while reducing the risk of work as workers of IP insight and intelligence. AI can help IP practitioners create industry insights that will unlock new opportunities, value an IP portfolio correctly and understand the origins of the next IP development generation. So, now that you understand the importance of Artificial intelligence in IP department, inculcating the above steps helps IP experts grow the business. Also, Ai helps IP tracking software to reconcile various configured devices and provide accurate documentation.