Automation is one of the most productive ways through which better results can be gained with a small amount of investment, especially in banking and capital markets, where the stakes are rather high. ONPASSIVE AI tools can help businesses across various sectors enhance the customer journey and devise targeted marketing campaigns. Leveraging AI in marketing can also help marketers create meaningful conversations with customers. Besides, ONPASSIVE artificial intelligence tools enable leading companies to precisely target audiences based on their buying patterns and online behavior, increasing the chance of a conversion.

In this article, we have highlighted some ways in which ONPASIVE AI tools and technologies can make a massive difference to your small business.

Ensures Greater Customer Service

To gain a strategic advantage in today’s competitive marketplace, brands must deliver outstanding customer service. To do so, having comprehensive insights into the customer journey is imperative. ONPASSIVE artificial intelligence tools can help marketers to gather detailed insights into customers across multiple touchpoints.

Even marketers can employ AI-enabled chatbots to stay connected to customers and engage with multiple users simultaneously. AI-powered chatbots enable businesses to personalize responses and improve the relevance of their answers over time. Employing AI-powered chatbots is a great advantage for small companies that lack a large support team to handle customer queries. Integrating chatbots with existing messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other applications can be done by anyone with minimal tech knowledge. While various organizations have already implemented chatbot applications to stay connected with their customers, others are still struggling to engage with multiple customers simultaneously. So, it’s high time for small business owners to invest in AI to streamline customer communication and address queries.

Boosts Conversion Rate and Leads

As there are myriad of ways for customers to stay connected with businesses, keeping pace with multiple marketing channels is becoming imperative for brands to gain a leading edge compared to its competitors. This is where the power of artificial intelligence and its subsets, such as machine learning, come into play. ONPASSIVE AI tools enable businesses to gather and analyze data from multiple sources simultaneously. This subsequently helps marketers to determine market trends and revamp marketing strategies accordingly. Targeted marketing strategies boost conversion and attract new customers.

AI-powered tools can also help businesses gather more complex and detailed profiles using different data sources such as social media profiles, job history, and all interactions with the company leading up to that point. This can eventually help marketers in reaching out to the right set of customers through personalized initiatives. Personalized strategies facilitate better business outcomes and boost conversion rates. Businesses that invest in artificial intelligence tools and technologies have better chances to succeed in the long-run and achieve growth.

Identifies the Right Talent for Your Organization

Letting an algorithm handle companies’ data may seem risky at first. But AI-powered tools ensure complete security to businesses of all sizes, whether small or large. ONPASSIVE AI tools can reduce recruiting timelines for the HR department by examining piles of resumes and online job profiles. AI tools also take into account multiple data sources, such as social media profiles and online job records, to help organizations choose the right person. It can subsequently help recruiters’ shortlist candidates with required skills in minimal time.

Beyond the hiring process, AI-powered tools can help small and medium-sized enterprises gather employee feedback and gauge employee satisfaction. Furthermore, AI tools and technologies also provide personalized employee onboarding that will streamline the process of welcoming a new employee to an organization. Additionally, AI tools can further be used to manage annual leave, team training, and performance evaluation.

Creates Great Marketing Campaigns

Creating customized marketing campaigns require businesses to understand their target customers and gather comprehensive insights into their behavior online. AI tools enable marketers to gather detailed insights into their customers’ buying patterns and spending behavior online. This can further help marketers to devise targeted strategies for their customers.

AI tools and technologies can also reduce marketers’ manual tasks to categorize customers into various segments based on their characteristics such as age, location, gender, spending patterns, buying behavior, and many more. Also, marketers can drive conversions by recommending products based on users’ search results by leveraging AI tools and technologies.


Artificial intelligence tools and technologies help businesses automate day-to-day activities. Also, they are an excellent tool for creating a seamless customer experience that encompasses every aspect of the customer journey. ONPASSIVE artificial intelligence tools can help businesses streamline all your business processes, such as addressing customer queries, hiring new talent, customer relationship management, finances, and marketing initiatives. This ensures seamless user experience and drives higher conversion. Our AI tools also provide small and medium-sized businesses with the edge they need to be genuinely competitive. Why wait for more? Connect with us to gain more insights into our AI-based marketing automation tools and technologies.