mobile phone

There is no doubt that we are living in the digital mobile era of the internet, with more and more people accessing the World Wide Web on their mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets. Mobile phone usage is one of the most widespread and fastest-growing modes of technology ever witnessed by the customer market.

Are you people aware of the fact that 65% of the public living in America owns a smartphone, and 70% of mobile phone searches trigger response every hour? 

The evolution of technology hasn’t just provided humans with a phone with which you can hang around; it has also revolutionized the way we are used to living and also subtracted many things from our lives, such as a torch, calculator, compass, and many more. Mobile devices are also proven to be very helpful in remodeling the business sector as it has become an essential communication tool for most of the consumers worldwide.

Customers these days are using mobile phones to shop online, and many mobile phone owners are ready to share their data with the merchants in exchange for discounts and coupons.

Planning, controlling, and managing mobile marketing campaigns can be challenging for small-scale business owners. Mentioned below are the tips for the small-scale business owners on how to use mobile marketing effectively:

  • Focus on customers: Optimize your customers’ mobile web experiences by developing mobile-friendly websites for quick page loading and providing appropriate information on their fingertips. Keeping in mind how much a customer is already interacting with mobile devices, you can take advantage of it by finding a behavioral habit or spotting a trend. According to Jessica Stephens, chief marketing officer at marketing technology company Smart Focus, 30% of online mobile phone shoppers or customer tends to bounce off the transaction page if the website isn’t mobile optimized and 57% bounce off the site which takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • Don’t get too pushy: The shopping activity which takes place over the internet, businesses collect information to serve the customer, and most of the online shopping activity includes consumer looking for the information on products and services online. In today’s world of push technology, a very vital part of mobile marketing where businesses send unsolicited notification or messages to would-be customers or future customers. This practice helps the business by engaging the customer, spreading brand awareness, and also using customers as a messenger, and they promote your product via words. If you’re getting a conversion by sending a discount coupon to a customer, be attentive to check if your voucher is getting you a positive result and have a good understanding of when to stop.

This article is the first part of two. In this part of the article, we have covered two tips on how to effectively use mobile marketing for small scale business owners. In the next part of this article, we would talk about four more tips for merchants to leverage mobile marketing effectively and efficiently.