mobile phones

This is the second part of Small-Scale Merchants Can Join the Upper Crust. Here we will cover about four more tips for small-scale merchants to grow their business with the help of mobile technology.

Now that Mobilenarok has arrived, it’s time to initiate optimizing the mobile phone experience as an apparent preference. In the year 2014, for the first time ever, the usage of mobile exceeded the use of the desktop. More than 60% of digital media usage these days is via smartphones or tablets.

By now, you know the importance of mobile phones and why any business should approach the target audience or customer over mobile phones. Now let’s move forward to more tips:

Respect privacy: 

When viewers got the information about “ad beacons” that are employed to track phones, it caused a commotion worldwide over the privacy concerns.

There is no need for sending surprise marketing messages to random people if you can straightforward send a personalized marketing message to those customers who agreed to receive text discount code or coupons or those customers who have downloaded the application.

The application enables a merchant to broadcast a notification or message to the customer when the customer is nearby, and their geo-location service is on.


Most of the people aren’t even aware of the fact that their purchases are getting tracked even when they are out shopping in supermarkets. And people who are aware don’t mind sharing their purchase behavior until they are getting some discount via reward points.

The same concept, when applied to mobile marketing, produces tremendous results. It would be best if your marketing teams made the customers experience more pleasant by offering them special offers or discount codes rather than annoying notification and message.

Just imagine a supermarket sending people living in a radius of 2km from the shop with an offer of ” Shop for 2,000 and get a 30% off on X product.” where “X” product is the product which you want to clear because of less response.


In today’s competitive world, mobile marketing should be an essential part of marketing strategies and plans, along with email, direct messages, and many others. 

It would help if you tracked the outcomes of all the platforms and check which one is providing you with conversion and which one is not working try making some changes or close the campaign that is not giving you returns.

There is no magic wand available where you can spell a few magical phrases like “Negotium Leviosa.” and your business will reach the top next very moment, you need to do a little bit of everything. Always keep your customers in mind; it doesn’t matter what you want to do.

Concise to point:

To get the attention of the target audience, your marketing message should be visibly clear and concise in the first two lines of your message or notification.

Text messages are the best choice for the local business owner targeting local audiences, broadcasting a message to the people sitting far away from your business or retail shop or restaurant is useless.

Therefore, if you haven’t dipped your toe into mobile marketing yet, practice these mobile marketing tips and techniques for small-scale businesses to get on the ship. And if you already have been utilizing the benefits of mobile marketing, keep on researching more as every day there is a new technology emerging.