AI-based Mobile Apps

Part- 2

Welcome Back, Everyone! In this blog, we are going to look into more ideas of mobile apps using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We are already aware of the importance of AI in developing mobile apps. Let us see more smart ideas for mobile apps and how to help your startup grow.

A recent study reveals that in the year 2019, companies that used AI and ML techniques, in their business operations, have earned close to $ 2 trillion in the market! That in itself is an astounding figure. Subsequently, there has been a compelling increase in the demand for mobile apps by companies, especially startups. Let us see some more ideas about mobile apps for startups.

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AI-Enabled Market Prediction Apps

In this digital world, market traders need to be updated at every step of their way to stay ahead in the competition. The use of AI or machine learning apps in the current stock market keeps the shares fluctuating on a daily basis. You can build a portfolio, keep an eye on the real-time market value of any stock, also get help understanding stock charts, market trends, and everything right from your mobile phone. AI can be a unique advantage for market prediction, and this can help many people make their fortune. A market prediction app as a startup would do a lot of wonders than anyone can imagine.

AI-based Mobile App Ideas for Finance and Accounting

AI/ML apps are helping many industries through innovative performances and offering the Finance and Accounting sector a lot of advantages too. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, finance apps can help companies improve their speed in accounts processing, fast data entry, and reporting. Not only this, but they can also assist in evaluating your payment transaction history. One such app which is being successfully used by several businesses is VEND, which notifies financial updates to consumers from stores or shops and helps with an excellent reporting capability.

AI-based Agriculture App for Farmer

This is a great idea that bridges the gap between farmers, processors, sellers, and consumers. Such an app is highly efficient in managing data that leads to improving the farmers’ profitability. This can be achieved by using big data, machine learning, and machine vision. AI-based agriculture apps reduce uncertainty and enhance productivity. Apart from that, the app helps farmers by improving efficiency by assisting them in selling their livestock at the right time and the right price.

AI-based Mobile App Ideas for Travel Industry

Travel and tourism are one of the major industrial sectors that continues to witness a huge boost across the globe. Gone are those days when one had to plan their travel way head to avoid last-minute disruptions and hurdles. With travel apps coming out with attractive features, planning an outdoor plan or a business plan, are just a few clicks away. Not only this, but AI can also help in offering the season’s best and cheapest prices to travel for customers to decide. Travel apps also provide a range of offers during important occasions like festivals or end of year travel, to help customers make the right decision.

If you are a business or an aspiring entrepreneur and want to have your AI-enabled app, you can choose any AI platform for businesses that provide feature-packed app solutions on AI. Many companies offer AI-enabled mobile app development services such as ONPASSIVE. You can choose the best one and get your mobile app built.