Business Intelligence Tools

Procuring and implementing better business intelligence tools invariably leads to smarter business decisions in any business. We have come across many companies and organizations still using outdated equipment, processes, and practices due to the lack of better infrastructure or probably because of resource crunch. The bottom line here is intelligence tools are here to stay in 2020, and you cannot enter the battle with weapons of the last decade.

There are varied types of business intelligence tools that are available in the market to streamline every kind of business. We have attempted to jot down the critical standards of intelligence tools every business would need to counter the new decade head-on.

Reporting Tools:

You have your data ready, but what do these data translate? Enter smarter reporting tools. These tools can understand the insights and patterns embedded in your activities and use that knowledge to make better decisions for your organization.

Businesses can save by implementing business intelligence tools to evaluate their spending patterns and therefore predict where companies may be spending more than the industry average. ONPASSIVE business solutions offer a smart business intelligence tool that offers excellent spend visibility and procurement strategy to replace spreadsheets and make it easier for businesses to understand their financial positions.


A business intelligence dashboard (BI dashboard) is a data anticipating tool that displays the status of business analytics metrics, Key performance indicators, and crucial data of an organization or a process on a single screen.

Dashboards put out relevant information in understandable formats to ease the jobs of business owners and executives who spend productive hours peeking at spreadsheets. These dashboards can exponentially accelerate the decision-making process by underlining the most relevant data points. There are many such dashboard tools available in the market.

Predictive Analytics:

Data analysis that involves statistical formulas and algorithms to generate new information recognize patterns and predict outcomes and their respective probabilities are called predictive analytics. The predictive analytics business intelligence tool focuses on the identification of future events and values.

These predictive analytics tools can formulate a strategy to help businesses anticipate potential shifts and make proactive moves before the competitors in the market respond. It is a known fact that every business is exposed to risk, but smart companies know how to minimize their exposure to fallout. With a predictive analytics tool, companies have a greater understanding of the risks, rewards, and challenges empowering organizations to move stealthily and confidently.

Data Exploration:

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) have revolutionized the way we look at things. Added to it, business intelligence tools have made our lives easier. More so, when the data exploration tool is in the picture as massive clumps of chaotic data can be dissected into more digestible chunks. This tool allows companies or organizations to model and examine their data through a smarter lens.

Technology has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years. With the advent of futuristic technology such as IoT, AI, ML, and business intelligence tools making inroads, life is only getting simpler for humanity. With businesses trying to counter newer challenges, head-on, empowered intelligence tools are getting smarter. Companies have the onus on them to use these tools effectively. Keep an eye on this space, and we will be bringing out newer types of business intelligence tools for your leisurely read.

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