In the current digitalized world, we find access to information online at a rapid pace. Whether it is to make sales or know specific information, humans have surpassed the need to travel physically. Smart mobile devices have emerged, enhancing work and accomplishing tasks in a short time. 

The ever-increasing online needs of individuals have necessitated businesses to establish online stores and work to attain a good ranking in the search results for user attention and praise. 

Building the right SEO strategy creates a successful path for any online business. A lot has been posted about some of the effective guidelines for SEO strategy. Today, let us study monitoring and measuring the performance of SEO strategy. 

SEO strategy takes shape in view of the specific goals and objectives of any organization. Secondly, the importance lies with collecting the most important keywords based on the competitors' edge, industry, and products.

Later the keywords need to be ranked based on customer usage on the search page. During this categorization, similar keywords could turn up, which could be grouped. 

Study the buyers' journey, and use the keywords accordingly. Thereby, the content strategy can be well planned and implemented over a period of time. 

Aligning content and SEO

Quality content holds the base for the best quality ranking. The SEO and the content relationship are vital, and both teams need to interact for better work. 

SEO team has to monitor the progress of the content created. Discuss what's working fine and what is not so that the content and the SEO strategy can be shaped accordingly.

Smart insights to know how effective your SEO strategy is 

  • Traffic: SEO's primary objective is to drive traffic. So, primarily check for its effectiveness by measuring the individual's count visiting your site through organic search. Google analytics helps identify the website traffic. 
  • Ranking: Business success rate is determined by the ranking of the website. Post achieving the top ranking, the following steps include lead generation, driving traffic, and sales conversions. It is important to note how your website is listed in the search results for the user typed keywords and how its position alters as the keywords change. 

Similar to knowing the performance on your website, the competitors' edge can also be known, and various tools and technologies aid the process.

  • Visibility: Visibility determines the frequency of showing the website in the search results for the user typed keywords. The Google search console is an effective option for tracking the visibility dynamics. Knowing the visibility at the beginning stages will serve as a perfect path for website optimization. 
  • Quality Links: Link building is significant for a higher SEO ranking. Does it mean the more the number of links more is the higher rank? Absolutely no. It is about building quality links that matter. Businesses have to be cautious of building low-quality links as it would defame the business name and attain a low business ranking.

The link authority index determines the quality of links, and the more the link authority more is the quality of the links developed. Many software tools can support this, which can be used to enter the domain name and know where your website stands. 

  • Bounce rate: This factor determines how many visitors bounce from your website without performing any action, and Google significantly considers this factor for assigning a rank. The lower the bounce rate, the high is the quality of the page. Usually, the bounce rate is between 40% to 60%. Anything above this states the page is of poor quality, 

Google analytics helps determine this bounce rate, and the page provides scope for trying various approaches to analyze what works fine.


Designing a proper SEO strategy can enhance website ranking. Unless an appropriate study of the associated key metrics is done, success cannot be attained. The top stated metrics would lead businesses towards growth.

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