Successful organizations are the products of applied smart strategies. A combination of business strategies, marketing techniques, and customer behavior analysis all contribute to bolstering business growth. SMS marketing is one tactic that companies embrace to meet potential customers more quickly and keep them updated about services, goods, etc.

The Emergence of SMS Marketing

Text capabilities have been around for years, and in the early 2000s, several businesses found success with SMS marketing strategies.

But in SMS technology, cost and convenience have made a strong comeback for marketers. According to a study, the average U.S. user checks their phone 52 times a day. Here, we shall shed light on the ins and outs of SMS marketing and how brands can use text messages effectively to improve customer engagement and consequently boost business growth.

Now that you’re aware of the outstanding advantages and progressive emergence of SMS marketing, you’re probably wondering how to leverage SMS to drive your business goals? It’s pretty simple. Check out creative ways on how to use SMS for effective marketing.

#1 Make Exclusivity a Priority

Generally, contemporary audiences face a wide range of products and services that could meet a specific demand and increase business growth.

How do marketers stand out when it comes to the competition?

Exclusive offers are the prime key for personalized SMS campaigns to create a customer-driven marketing strategy. 92% of the audience chooses to use discount coupons when you offer exclusive coupons and vouchers to the audience; it acts as a justification for them to stick to the brand in the long-term.

#2 Imposing SMS Customer Support

SMS marketing is the simplest and yet the most effective two-way medium to establish brand-audience interaction and boost business growth. 

Recently, customers have favored texts over telephone calls for customer service to save their time to make it more efficient for the eCommerce brand to introduce SMS customer support to the audience. As text messaging has popularity for being more reliable and fast than a call or email, it can help the customer get a timely response to their question. 

SMS customer support strengthens the customer relationship by being accessible on the preferred platform that increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

#3 Host a Giveaway Contest

A well-thought-out SMS giveaway campaign will attract the audience’s attention and give them a lasting impression. The giveaway contest’s main objective is to push traffic to the business website and captivate the broad SMS audience to generate more sales.

For instance, customers enjoy winning something from free coffee coupons to buy one and get one free coupon. SMS marketing has the opportunity to do this and can make it more exciting by text messages.

Hosting a giveaway contest and attract them with an exclusive coupon via text message enables you to retarget the audience and boost business growth.

#4 Don’t Forget to Greet Your Customers

Greet your customers on occasions like birthdays or anniversaries to make them feel special. An innovative advertising technique in SMS marketing to reward your loyal customers is to give them particular birthday messages to make them know you care.

You may also include a promotional deal or voucher, which can be used by the customer as a birthday present. Special birthday deals are a perfect way to promote signups and improve interaction thorough SMS marketing and boost business growth.

Also, remind your customers about the events run by your business. A gentle reminder for customers to participate in the events will help you get more answers and interactions on the platform you connect with them.

#5 Build Rapport with Personalized SMS

Many company owners and marketers use personalization in their emails and on their website. Personalization is a perfect way to attract consumers with unique preferences on your platform. Customization, on average, boosts revenue by 20 percent. 

For those brands who want to create a strong connection with their audience, adding personalization to your SMS campaign is an excellent option. 

If organizations do not consider personalization in SMS marketing or any other marketing strategies, they may see consumers opting out of potential communications. People like to see things that have them interested. For most of us, a flood of irrelevant text messages is far from significant.

As you can see, there are various creative ways you can start using today’s SMS marketing to enhance your business growth. The trick is to rightly mix the deals and content to keep consumers coming back to your website and connect with you on social media and read your emails, which will eventually boost your business growth. 

Keep in mind the organization’s target audience when designing your SMS marketing strategy. Focus on bringing value to their lives and saving them money. With your SMS marketing strategy, you can attract a good investment return, thereby increasing your business growth.