These are two different forms of text messaging. Learn what SMS and MMS stand for and a brief comparison between these two.

In this article, we will cover and understand the difference between SMS and MMS, respecting the preponderance of text messages sent using the usual messaging system. Text messaging has grown to be the standard and popular part of people’s lives with so many messaging apps available in the market.

What is SMS?

Friedhelm Hillebrand and Bernard Ghillebaert developed Short Messaging Service concept in 1984 in Franco-German GSM corporation. Short in SMS stands for the limited character that can include in a text with spaces and punctuations.

What is MMS?

Though, the concept of Multimedia Messaging Service got inducted the same year when SMS originated. But the first MMS capable phone launched around 2002 in association with the first GSM network. Multimedia in MMS stands for Photo, voice note or video which could get included in the message along with the text.

Difference between SMS & MMS:

  •  SMS invented in 1984 the oldest texting techniques build following 1985 GSM standards. MMS came into existence using the same technology like SMS, which allows a user to add multimedia content along with the text.
  • SMS message comes with a limitation of 160 characters per text message, including space and punctuation. MMS message supports unlimited characters simultaneously with embed media files on a text message.
  • SMS message centres are accountable for transmitting and receiving the text. With store-and-forward service, SMSC re-send your message if failed. MMS messages flow to the message centre then they are sent to the recipient via the internet. If recipients phone doesn’t support MMS message, user can see it through WAP browser.
  • SMS messaging is way cheaper than MMS messaging, and Price varies upon the carrier to carrier.
  • According to a survey which took place in 2008, SMS message usage is 4.1 trillion, and MMS message usage is 50 billion.
  • SMS message revenue in 2008 was $81 billion, and MMS message revenue was $26 billion.

Which one is better SMS or MMS?

Choosing between SMS message and MMS message requires the user to understand the purpose. The SMS message is a prominent option when you are using it for a formal conversation with friends or colleagues. MMS message is the first choice when anyone wants the end-user to get engaged often used for marketing any product or lead generation. MMS message has been a big cheese from the time very beginning.

This article is a fine-tooth combed about SMS and MMS, where we shared the history, meaning and the difference between SMS and MMS. We’ll get caught between two stools if we try to find the better one because of both SMS message and MMS message have their significance out in the world depending upon the purpose of usage.