Social Entrepreneurship


We may find many protests going on in the world like in America black lives matter, India Me too moment and in Australia save the environment like many things going on in the world. When these things happen, they impact the region or country and change the corporate world. In those situations, how corporate enterprises respond to such activities as corporate social responsibility will make a substantial positive impact in society about the company. 

We will discuss corporate social responsibility, which startups follow to impact society and build a relationship with the community.

Starting of Corporate Social Responsibility:

It is the primary duty of any company registered under companies’ act that they have to provide some basic responsible things towards the society & environment. Most of the startup companies don’t have much money to spend on giving to society. Still, many company employees are giving their part of income towards the encouragement of society development. For example, in Hyderabad, India, many startups pool money and provide some essential assets to government schools and colleges. If we go into detail about the company initiatives, we can see them below.

Providing necessities to the lower level management people:

  • Providing perks to nurses, sanitary department people and who get less than 20k salary people
  • Flexible working schedules for people who are employed
  • Increased diversity in job applicants
  • Providing insurance facilities 

Environmental Responsibility:

  • Usage of recycling items in the office premises
  • Subsidized public transportation facilities to the employees
  • Creating events like planting trees and creating awareness programs

Organizational funding’s:

  • Donations to local nonprofit organizations
  • Educational grants to school children’s
  • Donations to social service organizations

Limited Liability companies can show CSR as a statement:

Corporate social responsibility can be used for limited liability companies and unlimited liability companies to get tax benefits from the government; all the employees use this feature to benefit from the organization as a whole.

Certified as a social and environmental performance company:

These companies are also called B corps companies; they are certified as socially responsible companies, such as nonprofit organizations. Companies have a good reputation in their regional market, and they are termed as the best-trusted companies. People show more interest in those companies for their act of work towards society. All limited liability and LLP, and C-corporation companies are eligible for B corps certification but not startup companies.

Make a 501(c)(3) nonprofit company:

Nonprofit startup companies can be organized and also operated for the following purposes as below.

Charity, Region, Education, science, literature, Tests for public safety and prevention from cruelty to children or animals.

While there is a difference between a nonprofit organization and a benefits organization, they look similar, but there is a lot of difference between them. Any company the act of their work will result in society’s benefit not the purpose of money; those companies are termed as nonprofit organizations, and the points which we have discussed in the above are the same. A hallmark of many nonprofit organization is tax-exempt or redemption status. The IRS confers it under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of India or their country status only certain corporations, unincorporated associations, and trusts are entitled to tax-exempt grade. Sole proprietorships and partnerships are unqualified.

The End Line:

From a philosophical viewpoint, corporate activism can be considered an essential part of the social agreement. Corporations are an essential part of society and therefore have ethical obligations to the community.

Even from a standpoint that instead favors laissez-faire entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship can benefit a company’s bottom line by definitely influencing the following metrics: