Social Media and AI

When social media first got introduced, it was reasonably straightforward to operate and maintain up with the evolving trends. But nowadays, social media platforms are proving to be all wrapped in one advertising platform, online retail store, publishing platform, and educational platform.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come from the fantasy realm into reality, in the previous few years, we have made our day to day life dependable on it, and we aren’t even aware of it.

We have been introduced to AI as the enemy of humanity, well, that’s what movies prepared us for. Still, it has been playing a totally different role in the business and security industry at present.

There are several ways in which the part of machine learning is developing every day in bringing about revolutionary developments in how we have reached social media marketing to date:

Slack Bot: 

Slack bots utilize analytics to get the guesswork out of social media marketing. The outcomes are very beneficial because of the following functional reasons:

  • There is no more requirement of a manual analysis of all the content, and they have the capability to provide accurate analysis outcomes in less time.
  • These analyses provide an organization with the prediction about the chances of their success with a particular piece of content they post.
  • Slack bot crawl and search for the similar kind of content posted over the social media sites and also show the rate of success they achieved, for easy decision making.

Customer Service: 

We are living in a digital technology world these days, and at this point of time, the technology evolution has reached the heights where AI, with the help of NLP and ML, are answering, almost all the queries of the customers and providing them with the solution instead of a human being.

This is making the life of customer executives much more comfortable; most of the customers prefer to chat or contact via community rather than making a call for their problems.

Many big brands have already been using this AI technology to help their customers and customer service executives by recognizing the issue and then prioritizing the issue according to their level of problem.

This practice also proved to be essential to find out the spams, bots, and pseudo profiles on social media platforms. Utilization of AI to figure out potential customers is an excellent way to publicity and enhances lead conversion.

Data Analysis: 

AI these days have been playing an essential role in designing social media marketing campaigns. Collecting, interpreting, and analyzing the data collected from social media platforms is the answer to the social media campaign’s success.

With the help of ML algorithms, AI tools can achieve insight into the data, which was never possible before. Sometimes they can be so accurate that they can find your target audiences and cater to them exclusively, which results in improved conversion.

In the current world, Facebook is the biggest and the largest social media platform when we talk about marketing, and up to today, no one has applied AI built-in marketing tools.

With the help of Facebook advertising guide and its own range of AI marketing tools, any business can achieve a lot from their social media marketing campaigns.

Machine learning is, however, at the beginning of the journey, nevertheless as it continues to grow, AI will start to deliver even more intense modifications to social media marketing.