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In this article, we will be learning about Social Media, SEO, and SERP results by taking an in-depth look into understanding everything. The search industry is always figuring out that social media can influence SEO. It refers to how social media activities boost organic traffic through search engines. Social media is an excellent tool. This can make your SEO activities more effective and profitable. As these activities work in tandem with one another.

However, taking a closer look into social media reveals that it doesn’t contribute directly to SEO, and the links that you share on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest will help you get greater brand exposure but they aren’t recognized by Google as a ranking metric. Social media is absolutely not a ranking factor and it also has a positive effect on the ranking of a page. There is definitely a positive correlation between the site’s position in the SERPs and all the social signals. By studying the websites that hold the top ranks in Google, you can observe that they have strong social signals from these websites.

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By investing in social media marketing, you are directly improving your overall chances of performing well on search engines. Google treats social media profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook like normal HTML pages of the website, and doesn’t consider the number of social media shares or followers on the web page as it would be easy to cheat the system.

Google itself has not revealed how much data Google has accessed from social media sites, which is not used for ranking purposes. In fact, even though Google treats your social media page as a normal page, your social media is a great way of improving SEO and SERP results.

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Why should you grow your social media & SEO?

Social Media

Search engine optimization (SEO) is excellent as you can gain more visibility in getting people to visit your website organically and social media marketing is all about finding the right people who can promote your business. Search engines have become more social with social networks converting directly into valuable search engines and an SEO plan often goes hand in hand. So let’s take a deeper look into the various efforts required to enhancing SEO results, which are:

The Right Content On Social Media Gets Indexed:

Posting the right kind of social media content on a regular basis will definitely make a huge difference to your content marketing campaign. Your tweets or posts must be relevant enough to match with Google’s incredibly vast index and should be on the same line with people’s posts.

Social media can also help to get the website’s content indexed faster than ever based on how search engines treat social media content. When your blog post gets more attention on social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter will end up getting indexed much quicker. The spiders employed by Google’s search engines will be able to scan all the content on your website, just from the social media pages. In case your social media content goes viral, it will have a tremendous effect on search engine rankings as well.

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Social Media Helps To Build Authority Online:

Search engines also give much more weight to the authority of the website, which makes it more critical as an SEO factor in focusing on the search engines. Your page has domain value, which gives the page a higher authority to make it a critical factor for SEO to focus on. Your page or domain has greater value with higher authority as well.

Your website’s page or site grows over time and you need to publish the content and gaining relevant backlinks, your web authority will also keep growing. The more valuable content that you publish, the more actively your audience will seek out your content, thereby increasing your backlinks as well.

Before social media, link-building was a completely different game and now with the advent of social media, more backlinks mean higher web domain authority. This is largely due to a massive amount of content being distributed on social media that can help build influence or your authority online.

When you focus on building a network of social media followers who are engaged with one another, your content will also have relevant places to grow and thrive. With more online hotspots, your authority will also simultaneously improve which you can credit to publishing content to an ideal audience.

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Real People Are Involved In Social Media:

Even though your SEO has a technical side, it shouldn’t be the only thing that you focus on and a majority of the SEO practices are blackhat or unethical in nature. These practices will give you results in the long-term and are deemed ethical in the eyes of popular search engines such as Google or Bing. One of the best methods to make your social media stand out from your competition is by giving your social media a personal, more humane touch.

In case if you want your web pages to rank higher in 2020, you simply can’t depend on technical factors such as keyword optimization and need a human element to get real-world elements. A search engine has always tried to find the best way of serving users and moving beyond the traditional technical stuff.


In conclusion, social media is growing at incredibly rapid rate warp speed and it is becoming an unavoidable part of SEO as it lets you segregate your audience and target who you want. To know your audience and interact with them in the best manner possible, you will definitely need to utilize social media. Be it a group, a customer support channel, or promotion page no matter what purpose it serves your business, you will be able to collect feedback quite easily. We hope this article has been informative to you in understanding more about the impact of Social media and SEO for your business.

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