Brand Awareness

Social media is an excellent platform to enhance brand awareness. It’s because building brand awareness on social media is affordable and effective. Besides, brand awareness on social media does not require hiring an experienced agency. It only necessitates thorough research and analysis.

While nearly 80% of brands have already started leveraging social media for driving sales, some are still uncertain of where to begin. ONPASSIVEs marketing professionals have highlighted the four proven ways to skyrocket your startups success on social media.

4 Ways for Startups to Boost Brand Awareness on Social Media

#1: Choose the Right Platform

Are you trying to promote your brand on all social media platforms? If you are a startup beginning with social media, it’s certainly not the right approach. It is because only a minimal number of your target audiences will follow you on more than one social media channel. So, you must identify the platforms from where you’re getting the highest traffic. Moreover, it’s a known fact that all social networks do not work well equally for all businesses. For instance, LinkedIn is an excellent choice for B2B, and Facebook works well for B2C. Additionally, in the e-commerce space, you have a secret weapon, Pinterest.

In addition to this, brands need to continually track the initiatives’ outcomes and make changes wherever required. To enhance awareness on social media, consider adding relevant descriptions and info on your social media profiles. Incorporating these strategies will make your social media endeavors more effective, leading to improving your brand awareness on social media.

#2: Craft a Compelling Brand Message

To boost brand awareness on social media, you must be loyal to the voice of your startup. Initially, understand who your target customers are and the culture of your business. Social media users are now no more interested in corporate-speak generic stock photos of happy business professionals, or overly promotional messages. Customers are looking for a conversational tone that interests and entertains while subtly promoting the brand. To enhance brand awareness on social media, consider using humor, colloquial terms, slang, or creativity, and make your brand messaging sound more like a conversation than a corporate poster.

If customers follow your social media account, it indicates that they are interested in your products or services. With such a well-defined group of followers, you must make them feel special. But how can you do this? Well, consider announcing upcoming products and services on your social media first or share interesting behind-the-scenes photos and videos of your work processes.

#3: Promote the Right Way

Maybe you have the best content on social media, but it is of no use if you’re not promoting it rightly. To enhance brand awareness on social media, you’ll need to improve your promotional strategies’ effectiveness. It is where the role of targeted advertising and influencers come in. If you haven’t begun using targeted ads yet, it’s time to start. Targeted ads are one of the best approaches to reach a broad set of customers. 

The same is with influencer marketing. Since influencers tend to have a broad reach and access to hundreds or thousands or even millions of followers, influencer marketing is a highly effective way to reach out to others and share your branded message. Consider influencer marketing meant to improve awareness on social media.

Another most innovative trend in social media marketing is the use of Chatbots that are powered by AI. These are messaging apps that are programmed to respond in a variety of present ways. While Chatbots are not entirely used to drive sales, it’s an excellent way to add novelty to your brand and help customers along the way.

#4: Create Great Content

It’s no secret that visual content is gaining more popularity on social media these days. To fully take advantage of this trend, try including mobile-ready video in your social media campaigns. Also, consider live streaming for announcements, promotions, or just behind-the-scenes of new products and features. To enhance brand awareness on social media, create a slightly modified version of social media posts for your startups most important sites.

In addition to this, marketers will need to plan for the social media posts that they would like to deliver to improve awareness on social media. Also, create various content types to expand the reach and enhance awareness on social media.

Start Building Valuable Relationships through Social Media 

Although marketing is focused entirely on driving sales, enhancing brand awareness on social media is different. So, instead of trying to sell through social platforms, consider building relationships with customers. It can be difficult for a startup to start from scratch and gradually build a social media presence, but with these tips, your task will become simpler. So, consider the tips mentioned above to enhance your brand awareness on social media.