Imagine your business has multiple Social Media accounts. At this point, the question lies in how to create an integrated Social Media strategy so that the audience across various platforms are getting what they require and feeling happy without the slightest dissatisfaction.

The usage of the term integrated does not mean that the same information is posted at the same time across various channels. The audience of one channel varies from another in their opinion, idea, interests, and responses. So, the information posted should lead to proper understanding and draw the same essence without confusion. 

Every Social Media platform has got its unique abilities to connect with the users. Optimizing such opportunities and maintaining consistency on various channels are the required essentials to attain Social Media cross-promotion. 

Let us get ahead to know how to execute cross-promotion and gain user engagement to the maximum extent. 

Cross-promotion is different from cross-posting.

Businesses promote their marketing ideas with the help of tools to post the same messages on all Social Media accounts at the same time. Do you think it reflects the quality of the work? Absolutely no! What holds significance is how the users try to connect with the content. 

With such a view, businesses' progress is assured and has greater growth by gaining users' hearts with pleasing posts. 

Post Links 

Social Media platforms give an opportunity to post links to other social network profiles, Whether you are on YouTube or any other prominent channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google+ accounts. 

Be mindful of image posting :

Images have a more significant impact compared to text. Each of the Social Media channels has its individual style to display the images. Some pay attention to the horizontal view, while others to the vertical view. 

So, required efforts have to be put in for the images to turn clear and attractive with the required information, although they need to be cropped.

The time and efforts are worth investing, as what matters eventually is customers satisfaction. 

Introduce tracking URLs

Customized tracking URLs will help recognize social networks causing more engagement in a specific business. Thus, it helps identify the areas of less interaction so that businesses can focus on those.

Showcase the special event 

Take time to showcase any special event in a more diversified way. The content and images could be varied and portrayed differently. Also, the font, color, the background may differ. The quality of the work on each of these channels can surpass each other standards. However, the essence drawn should be the same. So, what matters the most is the quality, and the time and the efforts spent are undoubtedly worth investing. 

ONPASSIVE's, Social networking platform ONET 

The platform connects family and friends most securely and enables sharing images, videos, texts, and GIFs individually or in the group while maintaining security. AI technology integrated with the product helps connect with only the ones meeting your interests. 

ONET meets business requirements to associate with their customers personally. Search options provide more comprehensive chances to search individually or in groups. 

Conclusion :

Following the most enhanced guidelines of Social Media, cross-promotion can build quality, keeping away the same and boring publications across various channels, a new aura, and a new vision can reflect in the work if customers satisfaction holds the priority. 

ONPASSIVE has ONET to give to the businesses and individuals finding to experience a refined social networking platform.