Running a winning social media giveaway campaign is a practical approach to increase brand awareness and revenues. This social media marketing strategy can help marketers promote their products and services, reach the right set of audiences, and maximize sales.

While it’s easy to run a winning social media giveaway campaign, investing in social media tools allows marketers to increase returns on investments. By interviewing many successful entrepreneurs, we have gathered the 4 tools for social media in this article.

With these 4 tools for social media, marketers can efficiently create a social media giveaway campaign optimized for higher conversion and lead generation.

4 Tools for Social Media Giveaway Campaigns

#1: Wishpond

Haven’t you shared great deals that you find online with your friends and relatives? Well, everyone has. Today, brands are considered to offer great deals to acquire new customers and retain valuable customers.

Offers and discounts are certainly a great way to attract customers and drive sales. But, how do you create and publish a submission on social media? This is where Wishpond comes in.

Wishpond is one of the 4 tools for social media that allows marketers to quickly and easily create an offer on mobile and computer devices. This social media marketing tool offers many social contests and promotions, including sweepstakes, photo contests, coupons, vote contests, and referral promotions to run a winning social media runaway campaign.

Wishpond is one of the best 4 tools for social media that offers features such as data collection from audiences, share buttons to promote social engagement, referral rewards, custom form fields, and entry restrictions.

Besides, this social media marketing tool’s real-time analytics tracking allows marketers to estimate their real-time success.

#2: TabSite

To run a winning social media giveaway campaign, marketers can also use the social media marketing tool, TabSite. Although TabSite is one of the promotion and leads capture software, its unique features enable marketers to seamlessly add contests, coupons, and email marketing to their social media channels.

TabSite is one of the 4 tools for social media introduced to meet marketers’ rising product promotion needs through social media. Their custom content solutions and social engagement applications also inspire visitors and participants, helping in running a winning social media giveaway campaign.

Furthermore, this social media marketing tool meets all the channels’ criteria for managing winning social media giveaway campaigns.

#3: Woobox

This is another of the 4 tools for social media unveiled by successful entrepreneurs for creating a winning social media giveaway campaign. The social media marketing tool Woobox is being used by over 4 million brands today. Woobox helps marketers run a winning social media campaign by offering sweepstakes, coupons, photo contests, video contests, group deals, etc.

Additionally, all the contest types featured on Woobox can be easily embedded on social media pages.

Besides, this tool offers the ability to gather entries through social platforms and bonus entries for referrals. Furthermore, giveaway campaigns can be hosted on mobile, websites, blogs, popups, or landing pages.

#4: 22Social

The social media marketing tool, 22Social, is another powerful tool that helps marketers quickly create promo pages. This eventually allows marketers to enhance brand awareness and driving conversions.

This tool also helps business leaders in maximizing audience reach and creating a winning social media campaign. This tool allows you to customize your promo page utilizing the versatile dashboard entirely, so you can create a promotion to match any of your marketing requirements ideally.

In addition to this, 22Social allows marketers to:

  • Drive higher leads
  • Create a list of prospective clients
  • Showcase products or services
  • Create ads on different offers and special discounts
  • Grow social media presence

How Can ONPASSIVE’s AI Tools Help Marketers

ONPASSIVE’s AI-powered tools are designed to help marketers seamlessly run social media campaigns and enhance brand awareness. For running a winning social media campaign, marketers must gather complete insights into their customers and streamline marketing strategies.

Like all these social media tools mentioned above, ONPASSIVE has countless marketing automation tools. These tools are built to help marketers reach the right set of customers and enhance customer loyalty.

If you are looking to create a winning social media giveaway campaign, never ignore to consider automation tools and solutions. These tools ensure to help marketing professionals in managing and tracking all social media campaign results.

By continually analyzing social media campaigns’ outcomes, marketers can revamp strategies and achieve profitable business outcomes. Consider investing in ONPASSIVE’s social media tools to achieve your marketing objectives.