Social Media Influencers

It’s fascinating to believe that an average person spends almost up to two hours on social media every day. This average even includes those who spend little to no time on social media and are equalized by certain people who spend nearly every moment. No wonder a social media influencer leverages his/her popularity on social media to promote brands and products. For this reason and many more to come, influencer marketing has grown into one of the most lucrative and fastest-evolving marketing segments in the world today.

Hence, social media influencers are winning over the internet with their exceptional work and presence. Their opinions have a powerful influence on people. More and more people today are following such influencers so that they won’t miss out on their content. Brands crowd such influencers for reviews, mentions, and recommendations. And that is the real value of their impact. For every $1 spent on a social media influencer, a business makes, on average, somewhere from $5.20 to $18. That is some excellent ROI, and that is why marketing with a social media influencer is predicted to keep gaining momentum. 

In this article, we’ll discuss 10 Powerful Social Media Influencers, and along with that, we’ll also discuss the benefits they bring with them with their vast followings and tons of believers. Here’s a long list of top 10 powerful social media influencers who are growing exponentially in their respective niches.

The Top 10 Powerful Social Media Influencers

● Gary Vaynerchuk: Well, who doesn’t know about Gary? He’s the person who expanded his father’s spirited business from $4 million to $60 million. He ranks 1st in our list of top 10 powerful social media influencers.

● Guy Kawasaki: He holds comprehensive knowledge about social media, entrepreneurship, and marketing. His keynote speeches and books are excellent, and that gives him the 2nd rank in our list of top 10 powerful social media influencers.

● Neil Patel: If you’ve ever attempted to build an online presence for your business, there’s no way that you don’t know Neil Patel. He’s one of the powerful social media influencers from whom you can learn a lot. And that earns him the 3rd spot in our list of 10 powerful social media influencers.

● Mari Smith: If you’ve ever advertised on Facebook, you are most likely to come across Mari. She focuses on success strategies for social media marketing and often shares tricks and tips to help businesses grow digitally. She is 4th on our list of 10 powerful social media influencers.

● Jay Baer: He’s an expert in creating business strategies, content marketing, and social media marketing. He’s the world’s most retweeted personality by online marketers, and this earns him the 5th spot on our 10 powerful social media influencers list.

● Jeff Bullas: He has been named as one of the top content and digital marketing influencers. He is also known for delivering keynote speeches across the world. He is holding the 6th position on our rankings of 10 powerful social media influencers.

● Michael J. Schiemer: Michael is a famous entrepreneur and has created various businesses on bootstrap. He’s a specialist in social media and digital marketing, who is also known to create campaigns for several billion-dollar organizations, this gives him the 7th position on our rankings in 10 powerful social media influencers.

● Mark Schaefer: He is a blogger, author, public speaker, and consultant. He is also the seventh most-mentioned person by CMOs on Twitter. He ranks 8th in our list of top 10 powerful social media influencers.

● Amy Porterfield: She has created her digital empire by designing high-quality digital training products. She is also the creator of “Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies.” She ranks 9th on our list of top 10 powerful social media influencers.

● Ann Handley: She connects with nearly 50 sponsors each year. Follow her to excel in content marketing. And that gives her the 10th rank in our list of top 10 powerful social media influencers.

Benefits of Using A Social Media Influencer in Social Media Marketing

The benefits of promoting your brand with thesepowerful Social Media Influencers are:

● Establishes Trust and Shows Authority

● Efficiently Reaches Your Target Audience

● Drives Purchasing Decisions

● Enhances Brand Awareness

● Accessible to both Millennial & Gen-next Customers

● Influencers are Trendsetters

● Manages your Brands Reputation

● Long-Term Influencer Relationships

● Extensive Reach & Visibility

● Lead Generation

● Long-Term Advantages

Final Thoughts

Social media influencers have immense power to influence consumer decision-making, encouraging business development by establishing trends that decide what products or services the masses will buy. A top social media influencer has a massive number of social media followers. But why? They’re good at what they do. 2021 is sure to bring numerous opportunities for social media influencers and brands alike.