Social Media Marketing Hacks

Social media marketing is the best solution for business growth online. Social media marketing enables marketers to reach a wide range of audiences at lower budgets.

Whatever industry you’re in, the majority of your audiences are on social media. So, if you have not started with social media marketing, it’s high time to start.

Social media enables marketers to reach a higher number of audiences compared to traditional marketing initiatives. So, social media management cannot be ignored these days.

However, having a solid social media marketing plan is vital for businesses to outpace their competitors. Here, we have come up with some growth hacks to improve your social media engagement over the latter half of 2020.

#1: Facebook groups

Facebook groups are gaining popularity over the past few years and are expected to continue in the coming years. This is because Facebook groups allow marketers to create a community for their target audiences, where they can collaborate and discuss the brand. To make sure your Facebook group has the right set of audiences, you can set filters.

The top categories of Facebook groups run by brands include support groups, social groups, and insider groups.

Support groups allow users to share ideas, knowledge, and advice. Insider groups enable users to access branded content and attend events.

#2: Games and Giveaways

Social media has evolved these days. Initially, social media was just about posting written status and uploading photos. Then, video content started getting more engagement. What’s next? Interactive videos will gain more popularity over the coming years.

Interactive materials increase users to spend time on social media channels. Today, social media is all about interactive content, videos, and giveaways.

The budget for designing high-quality games can be more for small marketers. So, you can reproduce game ideas on a short or more feasible scale. Now, there are also various game platforms for marketers and simple puzzles.

You may have noticed that spin the wheel games are popular these days on e-commerce websites. You can incorporate them on social media channels.

#3: Video challenges

You must have taken part in video challenges, especially during this time when most people are at home. Video challenges can equally work for B2C and B2B businesses on social media channels. You have to come up with unique and fun ideas to engage your audiences.

You must have heard of the dalgona coffee challenge. It was inspired by a Korean TV show. But, in a short time, the dalgona coffee challenge became viral. So, think of similar ideas that can make your brand recognizable among audiences. This is ideal for building a customer base or lead generation.

#4: Sharing user-generated content on brand hashtags

The hashtag trend has been viral for a while and shows no signs of slowing down. This majorly works for B2C clients, especially cosmetics and e-commerce brands. You can create a unique and engaging hashtag and promote through social channels.

Make sure to include this hashtag with all your posts. Moreover, ensure to post social media creatives regularly under this hashtag.

#5: Virtual events, chats, and networking

This step involves creating community events like live chats, interactive live streams, and webinars and promoting them online. Today, social media channels are introducing new features to incorporate such events.

Live video broadcasting is available on almost all social channels today. And, users can share reactions, comments, and ask their queries in real-time.

Virtual events are the best ways to connect audiences across multiple locations. If you have not yet used virtual events on social channels, start using today to stay connected to your audiences.

#6: Collaborations and takeovers

Collaborations are one of the affordable alternatives that marketers can use today. This social media marketing alternative enables marketers to collaborate with other businesses and influencers. By partnering with influencers, you can share your content through their social media channels.

Most businesses choose to partner with influencers to get their brand in front of a large set of customers. If you have not started partnering with influencers yet, it’s time to start now.


Social media marketing is one of the essential initiatives for marketers to stay ahead of their competitors. Social media can work equally for small and large businesses.

So, small businesses can use social media as an alternative to compete with medium and large enterprises. By using our social media marketing hacks, transform your small business into a large company.