Social Media Marketing is Significant for Lead Generation

What is the best way to gain leads? As we know, there are many sources for executing marketing strategies in the market. However, when we think of social media marketing, how best does it stand to gain customers. The statistics reveal that it is the future for lead generation. Many people are opting for social media to know about the organization’s products and services.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is significant for any business to flourish. Gaining customer attention and leading them to inquire about the business products and services is essential to create sales, for which many marketing strategies need to be adopted. Email marketing, social media, traditional marketing are some of them.

Social Media

Social media is in wide usage in our society. Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are much talked about and used social media. Though Linked In serves professional requirements, the other platforms serve as a broad scope to communicate with family and friends. Moreover, these platforms serve the marketing needs of the businesses through images, short videos and compelling content as articles or blogs.

Social media marketing strategy

Every business needs to establish a proper strategy to meet the expected output. Social media marketing is no exception. Let us know what factors contribute to social media marketing strategy:

  1. Allocate budget: People associated with social media are emotionally bound. Any likes or dislikes are likely to create a significant impact on each other. Thus, choosing this as a platform for executing marketing proves effective. At the same time allocating sufficient resources aid to produce effective results.
  2. Social media posts: Posting includes making available of business news to the audience using a social media channel. Added to this, social media posts can be of different kinds, including pictures, videos, images, infographics, blogs and articles. All these are intended to build the business reputation and its brand image.
  3. Listen to the audience: User’s feedback serves businesses to explore the potential drawbacks and enhance their services. With a wide audience available on social media, giving scope to post their ideas and suggestions will help businesses ponder over them and implement future requirements.
  4. Content matters: How far one might have advanced in communicating their ideas, opinions, and promote their business products or services, at the base what lies is the content. It should create a positive impact and pave the way to lead generation. Of course, the infographics or videos add goodness to the content and impact the audience significantly.
  5. Select apt platform: Based on business essentials and type one needs to choose an apt platform to fulfil marketing needs. Linked In is the most professional social media platform that promotes B2B, while Instagram helps promote images and videos of your product or services. Facebook is recommended for small businesses, and Twitter serves as the best platform to answer user queries.

With various social media platforms available for us, how about a social networking platform that AI-driven. It is supposed to derive additional benefits. ONPASSIVE’s ONET rose as one such significant output of AI that helps share your interests and ideas with your social group. It is attractively built to drive individuals of all age groups. Posting images, videos, and text is now accessible through ONET. Also, the tool enables businesses to execute advertisement activities for marketing and allow personalized communication with the customers.


The future of Social Media marketing is excellent. They have come with the latest inbuilt marketing features. Making them to the fullest helps implement marketing strategies effectively and attain the best results. No doubt AI built platforms are outstanding concerning their functioning. Utilizing them to implement marketing strategies ensure lead creation and sales growth.