Trending Social Media Topics

Given the importance of social media in today’s digital era, leading marketers try to leverage social media platforms to connect with their audiences. However, social media topics and trends rarely stay the same from year-to-year. So, marketers must keep updated on the trending social media topics of 2020 to gain a strategic advantage.

By surveying many successful entrepreneurs, we have identified the trending social media topics of 2020. This article has highlighted trending social media topics of 2020, shaking up the social landscape.

Trending Social Media Topics of 2020

#1: Emerging Media

With emerging media, businesses can engage with their consumers in new and creative ways. As such, emerging media is one of the trending social media topics of 2020. For instance, Amazon uses Vlogs, videos-on-demand (VODs), podcasts, and streaming services in their social media pages. It has profoundly transformed advertising, making it more effective and fun for everybody involved.

These trending social media topics of 2020 has made the future of advertising all about building relationships, establishing trust, and providing feedback promptly. To keep pace with these trending social media topics of 2020, leverage emerging media as a part of your social media strategy. This way can eventually help your business grow your target audience base and convey an overarching story or message across all mediums.

#2: Maker Movement

Today, social media marketers are harnessing the power of technology to build robust business strategies. Also, the availability of affordable technology, like 3D printing, robotics, microprocessors, artificial, virtual, and augmented reality, is completely revolutionizing the social landscape. As a result, the maker movement is emerging as the trending social media topics of 2020

The conventional art gallery is no longer popular as producers experiment with technology to cultivate new, immersive media, like 3D printing. Social media is spurring emerging artists worldwide, empowering them to engage with broader audiences, learn new skills from video tutorials, and procure materials more easily than before.

#3: Eco-Friendly Alternatives is on the Rise

Social media is no longer the same as it was years ago. Today, people are coming on board and acknowledging the environment’s threats on their social media pages. As consumers are switching to eco-friendly alternatives, brands are facing increasing pressures to take action and respond.

Millennials are more informed than ever about supporting eco-friendly corporations, and brands increasingly have no alternative but to go green. Cleaner production, recyclable materials, and charitable donations are great ways to keep pace with this trending social media topics of 2020. Also, don’t ignore to share your brand’s eco-friendly efforts on social media and email campaigns, so that your buyers recognize that your brand is part of the solution.

#4: Technology to Encourage Brand Loyalty

The influence of technology on social media is one of the top trending social media topics of 2020. When it comes to social media, we’re witnessing many real advances on the wings of technology. The integration of technology on social media has taken communication to an entirely new level, adding a personal element to businesses’ interaction. 

For individuals, social media is just a platform to stay connected with their friends and families. But, for businesses, social media is an indispensable tool to encourage brand loyalty. Social media also enables organizations to engage with target customers, accelerate sales, gauge consumer trends, and give customer service.

As technologies impact social media is one of the trending social media topics of 2020, consider investing in them. Also, explore innovative ways to incorporate technology to showcase the benefits of your product or service. In addition to this, technology can also make your offering sticky, promised customer loyalty.

#5: Higher Adoption of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is one of the exciting social media topics of 2020 as it enhances reality by adding digital elements and changes the way things look. The social media platform, Instagram, already makes use of AR in their photo filters.

There’s no doubt that AR will be one of the exciting social media topics of 2020 and beyond as its applications are not limited to photo filters. AR also supports brands in providing better shopping experience to their customers. 


As social media trends change from year-to-year, marketers must keep track of the changes to escape from staying down. The trending social media topics of 2020 mentioned above will help you dominate the market and fuel business growth. Keep abreast of these topics and use them in your social media initiatives. With social media, engage with consumers in new and creative ways.