Spread Your Wings

In today’s world, apart from the product, the presentation has also become essential. Branded links seem to be underrated and mostly not given the value they deserve.

Branded URL is among those tools which have a high CTA (call-to-action) rate when compared with any other. When the audiences are aware of the brand from which they have received the message and don’t find those long links which look suspicious, they tend to click on the link to view for the offer or product.

If you are new to the world of URL shortening, let us cover why a brand needs to use URL trimmer rather than those long complex URLs.

Let’s start with a short briefing on Trim URL:

TrimURL is a product of ONPASSIVE, an uncomplicated tool that takes a long URL and turns it into a small custom URL whatever is preferred by the user. 

Why is custom URL shrinking important?

A custom URL trimming is essential for the branding of your business. With a custom short link, you can add your domain name which will act as a base for all your shortened links instead of using a generic domain. This has a high impact on the customers and also helps your brand increase exposure and brand loyalty.

What is the job of trimURL?

There are many ways trimURL can help a business, let’s cover six significant features of trimURL how it helps a business:

Brand: As said above, it helps a brand to achieve and increase brand visibility and your brand also improve customer loyalty by putting your brand name in every link you share.

Collaboration:  There are thousands of ways to share this link with the target audience and enhance your brand value, but one of the best ways is to share these links across departments, teams, and regions with one motive of working together to grow the brand name.

Integration: This tool allows a user to integrate the newly branded links into the present process and make the workflow smooth. No need of going back for incorporating new URL links to every process one by one this tool will do the job for you.

Link Tracking: One of the best features of trim URL is that it enables a user to track the link for a better understanding of the marketing strategies and can incorporate changes accordingly in real-time to achieve better results.

Optimization: Optimize your URL links for a better reach to your target audience, which enhances the growth of your business because of an increase in click-through rate.

Growth Scale: This platform grows along with your business. You can witness the growth of the infrastructure at the same rate as your business with the increase of usage. These are the key features of this tool. Apart from this, there are many hidden features as well; for example, you have your workspace where you and your teammates can work together. This tool allows you to use multiple domains and will enable you to work on multi-business at the same time.