Social Commerce

Social media’s impact on marketing campaigns is very high that possible on a shoestring budget, whether it is a D2C ecommerce brand or home-based startup. Social commerce helps social media to increase a business presence through recommendations, collaborations, and networking. 

Based on the statistics, the social commerce market is expected to reach $84.2 billion in the US by 2024. By having a well-informed strategy, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram be ideal for introducing and communicating your brand to make brand visibility.

Target audience satisfaction:

Creating the content frequently and communicating with your target audience is essential. Most of the strong marketing teams integrate design thinking to social commerce to leverage a content strategy and can be aligned with those findings. You can create a blueprint for people, age groups, and enthusiasts interested in the brand offering, and thus the process begins. 

Identify user needs:

Next, user empathy comes into the picture. It means you have to find out the user’s actual needs, which can be done by doing research and directly reaching out to prospective customers. The main aim is to modify the brand offerings to target those pain points and fill the gap before your competitors find out and do that.

The other effective strategy is to present genuine customer reviews, which can convert viewers to buyers. Modern consumers are very knowledgeable and can understand the traditional static commercials. Users can check the answers for their queries and dynamic creative displaying reviews given by the satisfied customers or by the essential FAQs that go a long way and increase sales. 

Enhance user engagement:

Having a platform with relevant content is very important, even for small businesses, to make customers spend more time on your site. You can make the content in the forms of blogs, videos, interviews, or even newsletters that make your brand visible with the added information on the latest trends, statistics, and the industry expert’s insights.

Ensure that you regularly post social media updates that act as a constant reminder of what your organization is offering. It not only draws the attention of users towards your brand and increases the chances of your content visibility for other users, too. It makes you be ahead of your competition.

Influencer marketing:

According to the survey held by Influencer Marketing Hub in 2019 stated, the brands had made $5.20 for each dollar that was spent on influencer marketing. Influencers directly influence the audience purchasing behavior that results in increased visibility and sales. The endorsements and posts have gathered more attention compared with other channels. And 40% of the consumers claim the purchased things after seeing that on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

How Influencer Marketing can Help you Achieve Your Business Goals

Small businesses collaborate with similar brands to market their products jointly with a potential win-win situation. According to Google, Estee Lauder has created a co-marketing campaign with a top US retailer where the average click share has increased by 70%.

Campaigns having a social impact:

Social commerce is an effective way to create an indirect interest through viral campaigns, which results in generating social impact. A multinational consumer goods corporation, Procter & Gamble, has driven the conversation on racial bias in the US with the social campaign The Look.

Hammad Rehman, the chief executive officer of Nikah Forever, an online matrimony portal, explains how this company is going to “ran a signature campaign to cut expenditure on excessive marriage spending, which went viral and increased our social presence significantly.”

Personalization to increase brand awareness:

Personalization never fails, and the small businesses are positioned well to craft the products that suit every customer. The handwritten notes for customers regarding something as trivial can go a long way to connect personally and help them promote your brand.