Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is still relatively new to most people, but it has been around almost as long as computers and the internet itself. In the future, we will have completely computerized artificial intelligence, where a computer system will be able to predict and execute actions based on pre-programmed algorithms. This will revolutionize the video advertising industry like few other things in history.

We belong to a world where almost everything we do is running on some sort of computer. It doesn’t matter if it’s a car or a house, you will find that most of your activities are being run by some program. And in all likelihood, computers will continue to run most of your business activities as well. We will be communicating with one another through our computers much more than ever before. Whether we like it or not, we will all be interacting with artificial intelligence at some point.

Will this Artificial Intelligence ever replace human employees in the advertising industry? No one can honestly answer that question because no one can predict what the future may hold. But we can all certainly agree that as things become more complex and the AI becomes more intelligent, our society will need to reevaluate how video advertising is done. We’ll have to ask whether we are creating the future of advertising, or are we already at the edge of that future?

Video advertising 

Videos are compelling when it comes to sharing information and advertising products. A recent survey has revealed that mobile phone users spend nearly 90 minutes on their devices each day, equivalent to spare 2 to 3 days in a year. With rampant usage of mobile phones and growing Internet connections, video streaming has become easily accessible. 

Moreover, as compared to texts, video graphics have a great recall value. Thus, including video advertising in your B2B marketing is much rewarding. However, only 60 percent of marketers are actively using videos in their marketing strategies. 

Limitations of traditional video advertising 

When you’re operating a small business, especially in today’s economy, advertising can often seem like a black hole. You hire people to do it, pay them, and then you wonder when they’ll show up. When a prospective customer or client decides to leap into your business, you wonder if you’ve done enough. If you’re not aware, then you may be left out in the cold during a crucial time for your company.

In addition to the challenge of maintaining your human resource, there is also the issue of finding the time to produce and air the video. It must be produced ahead of time, distributed to several different locations, and viewed by at least one person on each day of the week. Can you produce and air that video on a Saturday afternoon? That may be impossible given your other obligations. It will also mean additional financial expense, which may be a deal-breaker for your business.

The problem with traditional video advertising is that it seems to work for everybody. The video is attractive, eye-grabbing, and interesting. People naturally assume that the video is going to attract their attention and that they’ll want to see what is being offered. The bottom line is that video advertising is not as targeted as many other options available for advertising on the web. While you’ll get some targeted hits from traditional advertising efforts, when you stop and think about the future of video advertising, those hits will be much fewer and less likely.

AI for video advertising 

Given the limitations of traditional advertising campaigns, Artificial Intelligence has a great deal of significance with video advertising. AI can help video developers in acquiring data on customer interest. Thereby, marketers can produce relevant videos avoiding redundant content. 

AI, along with data analytics, offers improved outcomes based on data collected. 

Following are some advantages of AI with video advertising: 

l Rationalising production 

The content derived from AI is magnified to the extent that pertinent information is kept and the necessary data is extracted for use. 

l Suggested videos collated with the help of AI 

Several platforms like YouTube usually incite users to click on videos based on their watch history. This way, video platforms can develop an interest in viewers. This information concerning watch history is collated with the help of AI. 

l Wider reach 

Video marketing campaigns typically have a wider reach. People prefer consuming videos over text for both entertainment and gaining knowledge. Thus, popular search engines invest huge resources in developing complex algorithms to suggest videos to the viewers. Therefore, as a growing B2B entity, leverage video marketing and reach a wider audience. 

l Fostering personalization 

The AI intervention helps marketers gain insights into past research and social behavior. Thereby, video developers can produce personalized content. 

l Offering real-time updates on videos 

AI makes it possible for businesses to gain real-time updates on the videos they have marketed. This is crucial in delivering pertinent and culturally acceptable content to the viewers. AI offers flexibility in making required changes in videos based on real-time updates. 

Future of video advertising 

When you stop and think about the future of video advertising, it makes sense to focus on producing an exceptional video rather than an ordinary one. This is where many companies have a difficult time. They invest a significant amount of money into creating a quality video but spend little money advertising their creation. Initially, it seems like a losing proposition. However, an advertising campaign targeting people interested in what you have to offer can often result in a higher conversion rate.

If you’re looking for the future of video advertising, don’t stop at producing an excellent video. You’ll also need to invest in a strong advertising campaign that targets viewers who are more likely to buy what you’re selling. Once you understand the advertising side of the business, it will be easier for you to create high-quality videos and marketing efforts. That’s where you will need the assistance of Artificial Intelligence. Make most of this versatile technology and stay ahead of the curve with video advertising.