Internal Communications Software

Internal communications does not just include the emails and messages that we constantly share. For a workspace that is getting more and more spread across the globe, work communications become vital. It includes every sort of proprietary communication that is crucial for the smooth knowledge share and transfer.

The feasibility of work from home has introduced a new level of communication complication that may not always be possible to overcome. The security concern that most companies would have with their proprietary information makes it absolutely mandatory to have highly secure and encrypted form of communication.

Stepping up the gap with Internal Communication software

Acing the new world techniques at work is absolutely easy now with the numerous applications that are available. With every passing day, newer software are developed that redefines our daily work tasks simplifying and automating everything that we do. With the multiple levels of automation at work, it is obvious that more work can be handled by a team.

If you are a business then you need to amp up your internal communication system to introduce a seamless connect between the teams and departments. There are numerous options to choose from and you need to make sure that you pick the right one based on your needs.

These softwares obviously comes for hefty prices and you need to make sure that every penny you spend is well accounted for. Other than the well-established communication software providers like Microsoft teams and Cisco Jabber few internal communications software made been some waves; like Slack, Blink, Poppulo, Simpplr, Facebook Workplace, and others.

Know what you seek in a communication software

As a business you need to choose the right software that will serve the purpose of your workspace. You can take advantage of the various features that each of these software offers. You can have them integrated to your internal network to ensure you have a seamless flow of communication. More recent communication products like ONPASSIVE’s O-Peer, O-Connect, and OMAIL come with multiple intelligent features that offer much more than just giving a platform to communicate with colleagues.

Privacy and security of all information shared are of paramount importance to any business. While every software assures the safety feature you need to ensure that it meets the standard that you are looking for. The sensitiveness of proprietary information may vary and you as a business need to zero in on the right application that will give your business the safety it needs.

Other features that these softwares offer are

  • Instant messaging
  • Status updates
  • Activity feed
  • Notification
  • Search
  • File sharing
  • Presence notification
  • Surveys and polls
  • Video conferencing
  • Text to speech conversions
  • Translation
  • Screen shares
  • Reminders
  • Directory
  • Dashboard analytics

More recently, chatbots have become integral additions to internal communication as well. Giving appropriate responses to simple queries and resolving inter department issues at a go, chatbot simplifies communication to a great degree. Chatbots like ONPASSIVE’s O- Chat are easy to integrate and with AI and ML enhancements can be trained to give logical responses.


With work from home becoming a norm, finding the absolutely perfect communication setup is vital for every business. A gap in communication can cost a company billions of dollars in capital. With a good and comprehensive communication system, you as a business can do much more than just text or share mails. You can streamline the workflow for your projects with well-allocated tasks and keep track of how work progresses. If you are a business that has multiple departments with a high concern towards security then it is time for internal communication software. Where ever you are located you can stay connected with your team with the feature-rich software.