According to the Arizona State and Stanford University researchers, the quality of work-life enhances corporate growth. The cities where AI jobs were posted saw tremendous economic growth regarding social, financial, and physical components. AI helps new workers to train according to future complications and reduces dangerous and repetitive works. Though AI may increase job loss, there are many more pros such as reskill, upskill, train, future-proofing employees to prepare for future results.

Automation plays a crucial role in living in the highest quality standards. Few authentic reports state that AI can create over 97 million jobs within five years. It is better to stop thinking about job displacement due to AI and utilizing AI’s power to expand business through reskilling and upskilling opportunities. When AI was introduced, many people were worried about job loss, whereas artificial intelligence helps humans live quality work lives. The following are the few perspectives where AI helps to grow business.

#1. Invest in Upskilling & Reskilling

Consider upskilling and reskilling workers using AI programming to generate training sessions that empower existing workers skill sets and prepare for the future by leveraging advanced technology.

#2. Adopt a learning process in daily activities

Learning is as important as applying the practices into daily work activities. If not, employees will lose the focus of their learning. Embedding learning not only empowers employee skill sets but helps the companies to undertake future challenges.

#3. Map workers and new opportunities

AI-driven applications allow employees to connect with outside and inside opportunities of their current organizations regarding their retraining needs, career goals, and individual skill sets.

#4. Prepare Next-Gen Workers

We can see tremendous changes in education by applying artificial intelligence technology. EduTech has undergone drastic transitions that helped students understand the subject. Robust AI-powered education tools have accelerated the k-12 level to a great extent, and it has benefited many more people, including the least privileged populations.

Hence we recommended not judge AI by looking from one side of the coin, i.e., job displacement. AI makes humans get more profitable work, excellent productivity and reduces stress to the people.