Web Design Trends

While we are still in the midst of the global health crisis, looking forward to something exciting can often appear daunting. However, we must develop a coping mechanism to deal with the existing challenges.

New trends in web designs are one such aspect that can help us come out of the looming anxiety of the present situation by making us excited about the variety of web design options 2021 has to offer. From retro typography to augmented reality experiences, 2021 has a lot to offer when it comes to web design trends.

Let us take a look at some of these trends:

  • Retro fonts

Retro fonts have made their inning this year with quite a style. While old is gold holds value, retro fonts are reappearing with different stylization and artistry.

Recently, retro fonts have been used in the Spotify’s Carnival promotion. Instead of looking cliché, they are pouring new life into traditional bold fonts with few additional elements.

Retro fonts have their traditional essence intact. However, they have given a modern spin while maintaining their aesthetic value. It’s indeed a great deal of creative typographic reimagining.

  • 3D visuals

3D elements in web designs add a touch of discreteness and dimensionality. Moreover, with advancing higher resolution screens, 3D designs started gaining demand and popularity. Instead of appearing flashy, they can enrich the visual experience if used while maintaining balance.

For instance, Sennep, the creative agency, has used 3D elements throughout their website. They have maintained the right amount of harmony between all the design elements. Thus, they have made a point here that 3D visuals can go well with more minimalist layouts.       

  • Multimedia web experiences

With faster internet speeds, multimedia web experiences are visible everywhere. A nice blend of text, visuals, audio and video enriches user experiences.

However, combining various effects can make it look gaudy and distracting. It may also be harmful to people with cognitive disorders. Thus, prioritizing simplicity with multimedia web designs is the best policy.

  • Augmented reality experiences

Advancing technologies like WebXR API and software made by Wayfair Technologies are offering augmented reality (AR) experiences to web page designs.

For instance, Jeep has seen using AR for its “Build & Price a Jeep” page. Moreover, many ecommerce and retail companies are also exploring AR to connect better with potential customers.

  • Gaussian blur

Gaussian blur provides a twist of soft focus to images and gradients. For example, Moment House has seen using a pleasing Gaussian blur of color instead of any image on their homepage. Moreover, Gaussian blur is used in the background of Monograph Communications.

  • Scrollytelling

Designers telling stories through web interfaces is an upcoming trend. It’s a form of visual storytelling that engages the audience with narrative in a better way.

For example, Web Design Art History used subtle animations and engaging illustrations to narrate how art history enlightens web design.

  • No code movement

No code movement doesn’t imply a complete absence of code. Programmers and developers are here to stay. However, no code offers expertise to anyone with an idea.

Thus, you might see writers becoming web designers and designers becoming front-end developers through no code. It empowers everyone, regardless of their expertise, to become and offer something more. It provides people with a platform to collaborate and create.

  • Scrolling cards

Scrolling cards provide swift action to a website scrolling- horizontally or vertically to give an impression to a website.

For example, Oficina uses a striking array of colors on their website for scrolling cards.

  • Audio

Don’t be surprised by discovering audio options on websites in coming times. People may choose how they wish to experience content.

Moreover, it can eliminate accessibility barriers for those with visual disabilities. It provides users with a choice to listen to a large chunk of text instead of reading them on the website.

Wrapping up

The way we will experience the web is going to change in the near future. With faster connectivity and advanced technologies, there is room for more creativity and improved user experiences with websites. This year, 2021 itself, will witness a variety of designing trends that you will hardly wish to ignore. This article described some of the best web design trends to be followed in 2021. Reshape your company website with these advancing designs to reimagine the face of your enterprise.