Success is the word everyone wants, and it is inevitable
Because everyone searches for it and has criteria and each of them and its size.
As long as you are on this scale, success depends on:

How much information have you read, heard or know about your project?
How many audio messages have you talked about about the project, which you have been listening again?
How many lectures did you listen to again?
How much video did you watch for your company today?
How much have you read about the company?
How did you explain about the company?
How many clients have you contacted about the company?
How many people have you added to your knowledge list?
How much did you train for your team members?
How many hours do you give to your interest in the project?
How much weight and benefit does your project have in your life?
How many hours do you spend on your project?
How many K-M are you surrounded by yourself?
To be a leader you must arrange your cards daily
We meet at the top