Evoke the Best Video Marketing

If one picture worth more than 1000 words, then think about one Video worth for? It’s the highest engagement champion of these modern trends. As globalization made the world a small village, people from all over the world get to know others. Business needs more attention and more people to buy from them, and people need the best ones to simplify their lifestyle.

Hence video content became the urge of the entire business world. Therefore the brands start to focus on video marketing. How good your video content can be, right marketing is the key to grab the lion’s share of target market attention.

The secret to marketing is seizing the deal based on the trend changes and empowering the brand. Instilling curiosity to make favorable decisions to buy your brand is challenging and Video is the master art to connect the right audience to your product. The digital landscape is dominated by popular social media channels hand the marketer must focus on framing the successful strategy for each social media channel.

Let’s explore video marketing strategies for Top 5 Social Media Channels

Top#1- Facebook: Emotional, Funny, and Shareable 

Emotional and humorous videos attain massive shares and plan the content that gets more likes and shares when preparing a video for Facebook.

Keeping 15 to 90 seconds video duration limit is the workable formula for Facebook. Following the short and sweet is the best method for Facebook, the brand should show highly entertaining content. If your business doesn’t fall in the entertainment field, it is better not to exceed 15 minutes. Posting humorous, informative, useful, and edifying knowledge plays a crucial role in engaging with enormous viewers.

Facebook provides ample chances to target a suitable customer with its metrics such as locations, personal interests, age groups, and more targeting options. Native videos grab large portions of the organic Facebook posts, thus widening the scope of marketing.

Following are the quick sheet to create a compelling Facebook video: 

  • Use 1:1 format as these Square video format got top views than other
  • Include captions in the Video as most people opt for soundless Video
  • Your first three seconds are the precious ones as Facebook counts 3 seconds as one view
  • Use high-resolution content, and nobody wants to see blurred and quality-less videos
  • Export the made Video on the prescribed format
  • Compelling headlines make a pivotal role in captivating users attention

Top#2- YouTube: The World’s #1 Video Search Engine  

Now a day’s Video means YouTube and YouTube means Video, Yes! People can’t make their day finished without viewing a YouTube video at least once in a day.

  • Adding the captions and subtitles gives 40% more views than no caption videos.
  • First 3 to 10 seconds are the game-changer for the YouTube video as 25% people may not watch for more than 10 seconds to decide viewing or not
  • Curious Metadata, descriptions, and title optimization, thumbnail are required
  • Use the highest resolutions to show your brand power to the audience
  • Work on keywords to increase your search visibility

Top#3- Snapchat: Going Mainstream, Authentic, and Raw

Do you know 10 Billion videos per day are watched in Snapchat? This platform gives a quick boost for the brands. But you need to check whether you have more audience on this platform first. Snapchat majorly influences younger people and acts as a prominent communication channel. Following is the cheat sheet to maximize the engagement and conversions of Snapchat.   

  • People view 33% more when text combined with drawings in the video content
  • Ensure to show compelling 1st snap as lot people drop off after seeing the first snap
  • Give priority to vertical content as native feeling observed in this content
  • Provide either useful or entertaining content to the viewers  

Top#4- Instagram: Motivate, Understand, and Attract 

According to the recent trends, Instagram has a top video engagement rate with the introduction of stories video app and IGTV. Storytelling indeed differs from one social platform to another; hence we need to change the social media marketing strategy accordingly. The Launch of this platform in 2013 inspired 5 million people to share the videos on the first day. Instagram is quite good at introducing new video marketing modes. Following is the quick list sharing the best practices of Instagram.

  • Uses 1:1 Square video format as 33% leaves to watch if it not made in 1:1
  • Automatic silence is enabled as you need to tap the button to increase the sound
  • Maintain optimal quality for videos like how you add high-quality photos
  • Optimize tags, captions, and use minimum one hashtag as the hashtags increase 12% more engagement
  • Add liveability to you pictures with Instagram behind-the-scenes

Top#5- Twitter: Entertaining, Personal, and Quick 

This platform is the silent rock star when counting the top social media platforms. Everyone speaks about Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube, and Twitter is the 3rd or 4th priority to video marketers. As the platform is working on creating innovative ways to engage more target audience, hence don’t ignore this low hanging fruit. Many new brands are adding glow to Twitter, and users say it is an excellent place for educational content.

Twitter is the top engaging and personal platform for users, and strengthening one-on-one relationships is the primary goal for video marketers to capture the market. Firstly, you need to create a private Video and take a few more minutes to follow up authentically. Following are the cheat sheet to profoundly engage with people on Twitter.

Wrapping Up

Video Marketing strategy becomes the part of business success as people tend to watch more videos and thus eventually leads to get more conversions and attain monetization if it is YouTube marketing. Social media marketing is the top goal for every marketer, and understanding the trends of these influential platforms is going to benefit the businesses more surprisingly.