Personalized Content

General content delivery is the past. Companies do not generalize content that talks about the endless list of products and services available on their site. They try to personalize content to make the audience feel that you know what they like and what they are currently looking for nowadays. The only purpose of personalized content is to offer solutions to the problems and not just a product.

Any business activity, including webinars, returns a positive result only if the content is personalized for the customers.

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Here are simple steps to connect with your prospects and customers before and after the webinar conducted by you as a business owner:

1. Send Customized Invitation:

People take an interest in opening and responding to emails if you invest extra time to address them directly. One of the best ways to do it is by mentioning the customer’s name or profession in the subject line of the email. It has the potential to improve the open rate and click-through rate (CTR).

But how would you know who they are and what they do? The information can be extracted with the help of technology. The customers’ online behavior data could help you create a buyer’s persona and then personalize your message accordingly for individual customers.

2. Adopt Innovative Webinar Formats:

Don’t stick to the usual specific and traditional webinar techniques to convey your message. Make your event interactive and engaging. Try adopting various webinar formats, such as expert panels, interviews, and many more, as explained in this article.

3. Request for More Engagement:

The Best way to receive high engagement from the participants is by providing options to your audience to express their concerns and experiences via polls, surveys, and Q&A sessions. Inputs received from the audience are valuable, and it creates a perception that you are interested in listening to your audience too.

4. Prefer a Thought Leader:

It’s not about who is comfortable looking at the camera and going through the slides to read the content. It’s about how aware is the person about the topic. Is the person an expert on the topic in hand? How easily is the person going to receive and respond back to the queries?

5. Keep in Touch with Your Audience:

When the webinar is over, it’s actually not the job done yet. You need to keep the relationship alive with your customers so that they remain loyal for a long time. Don’t let the warm feeling of the webinar to cool down. Reach out to them with a follow-up call or email highlighting the needs they’ve identified during the webinar. One way to keep in touch with them is by sending them the invitation for upcoming events and webinars.

Personalization is the need of the hour. Unless your focus is on individual customer needs, you won’t be able to deliver the message you want to. In case you are interested in owning tools that could help you personalize communication and content, then we recommend you to try joining GoFounders.

Registered members receive access to free email templates that you can design and store for future invitation purposes. You could also access ONPASSIVE AI-driven solutions to extract customer data to create a buyer’s persona, and hence the personalization task becomes easy for you.

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