I Am So Blessed To Be Involved With GoFounders 24 September, 2021
I Feel So Happy To See All The Good News Given By Ash, Sir 23 September, 2021
I Feel Proud Of Being A Founder Of ONPASSIVE 22 September, 2021
It Is Great To Be Part Of Such A Business! 21 September, 2021
ONPASSIVE Is About To Rock The World 20 September, 2021

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I Am Very Thankful For The Super Hero, Mr Ash Mufareh

Good Afternoon To Everyone, Onpassive Founders. I Am Proud To Be An Onpassive Founder. I Am Very Thankful For The Super Hero And World's Best Man And Ceo Of The World's Top It Company Onpassive, Mr Ash Mufareh Sir. He Is Given Us A Founder's Place In His It Company Onpassive. Ash Mufareh, Sir, We Love You Very Much.  ...


Pls, Borrow Inspiration From History: All Great Men And Women Of Old And In This Present Generation Who Made Names For Themselves Endured. If You Aspire To Be Great, Persevere; If You Cannot Endure, However, Then Forget About Becoming Great. It Is Very Painful When Passing Through ...


Prior To Onpassive, I Use To Try Out Any Mlm And Crypto Businesses Shared With Me By Anyone. Onpassive Opened My Third Eye To See These As Scams (o Yes, Some Of Them Are Genuine Businesses). Currently, Onpassive Is The Only Business For Me, And Nothing, I Repeat Nothing, Can Sway Me Away From Onpassive.   ...

I Feel So Blessed To Be A Founding Member Of ONPASSIVE

I Feel So Blessed To Be A Founding Member Of Onpassive For Many Reasons. However, One Which Deeply Moves Me, Again And Again, Is The Incredible People That Joined My Team. Thank You, Onpassive, For Making It Possible For Me To Be Part Of This Amazing, Global Family.  ...

We Are Going To Create A History With ONPASSIVE

O-founders Is Coming With A Revolution In The Internet World, We Are Going To Create A History With Onpassive,  We Can Reconstruct Our Dreams With Onpassive,  We Are In It To Win It  ...

We Are In It To Win It

Excellent, We Are In It To Win It... God Will Support Us All The Ways Through Our Great Ceo, Mr Ash Mufareh...  ...

The ONPASSIVE Hurricane Is On The Way

Be Prepared...the Onpassive Hurricane Is On The Way...getting Stronger Every Day...get Ready To Be Blown Away......  ...

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ONPASSIVE is an AI Tech company that builds fully autonomous products using the latest technologies for our global customer base. ONPASSIVE brings in a competitive advantage, innovation, and fresh perspectives to business and technology challenges. From strategy to designing, implementation, and management, we are here to accelerate innovation and transform businesses.

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