Brand on Social Media

Until the advent of social media, traditional media such as print media, broadcast ads, newsletters, emails, and flyers ruled the roost in branding. With social media now in the mix, organizations now have another potent way to connect with their customers. All this with just one thing on the agenda. Build a brand and thereon the business.

Brand consistency is key across all mediums for branding. A brand, more than a logo or set of colors, is how it makes its customers feel. It is built by taking a consistent approach across every interaction the customers have with your brand. But as mentioned above, social media holds better power than the rest of the mediums to build your brand and business.

We chart out some social media power techniques that you could use to avail success.

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1. Up-to-date Social Sites:

Get the information on your company pages and social media platforms updated. Be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, keep all these mediums fresh with accurate and uniform information. Always make it a point to ensure that your company’s logo, background image and so on are consistent, professional and sharp across all the platforms.

2. Cover your basic branding:

As mentioned in the previous point, serve polished and accurate information on all of your social mediums. Some actionable steps you could take are to use your branding basics to your advantage like performing social media auditing across all accounts. You could ensure that your bios, banners, logos, handles and posting cadences are all consistent with your brand guidelines. Always maintain a consistent posting schedule to reach your customers regularly.

3. Quality Posts at regular intervals:

The best way for any organization or even individuals is to stay closer to the customers by posting content each in one of the platforms. Posting new content in social media at regular intervals will build a host of followers. Make sure that the post should be interesting, humorous and valuable to the customers. The customers if hooked to your content, will keep coming back for more, if there is something in that for them.

4. Track your competition:

It works best with Twiter and Instagram. A tip to success is to follow your competitors’ accounts. Also, follow your competitors’ followers as well and you’ll be surprised to see that many will follow you back. By doing this, you can identify and track your competitor’s high-value targets and then later tweet at them yourself.

5. Respond to your customers:

Always try keeping your customers in good humor by answering to their queries at the earliest.  Complaints should be addressed and a ‘thank you’ message should be sent for any customer compliments. Your interaction with customers on social media is vital for brand building purposes. You can deepen your relationship with your customers and they will never forget you. Remember, Both good and bad comments last forever on the internet and it depends on how to respins to them, after all.

6. Leaders to personally connect with customers:

Building goodwill and trust amongst your customers take your company, business or organization into greater heights. It counts, even more, when you are the leader of the company and you interact with customers directly on social media.  

7. Study Influencers:

Brand influencers can be of great help for a company to grow. Connecting and collaborating with influencers is an opportunity to broadcast your brand. Therefore it is imperative to develop long-standing relationships with influencers before customers see you as an expert. Social mediums such as Instagram, LinkedIn, etc helps you to find and engage with influencers. Once you have tracked an influencer who gels with your brand, analyze their network, content and posting habits to determine what you also could be doing for your brand.

In conclusion, utilizing social media to create and curate your brand and business is not that easy. But done well, using the powerful techniques, thought and research social media can be a potent marketing tool for any brand and business to be successful.

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