World Humanitarian Day

There have been several cases of wars, natural disasters, and climatic change across the globe that has forced millions of people to get either displaced or flee their homes in search of refuge and survival. Innovations in technology are offering ample solutions for such people to cope with these massive challenges. 

On the occasion of World Humanitarian Day, let us understand how technology is helpful in promoting global solidarity and how there are businesses, like ONPASSIVE, putting efforts into driving humanitarian aid.

Technology Advancements to Drive Humanitarian Aid

Here are some of the technological advancements that help in driving humanitarian aid. 

  • Internet of Things (IoT) for Remote Monitoring and Early Warning Systems 

The Internet of Things, a network of interconnected devices, has proven instrumental in remote monitoring and early warning systems. In disaster-prone areas, IoT devices such as weather sensors and seismic detectors provide real-time data on environmental conditions, enabling early warnings of potential hazards. 

These devices also aid in tracking the movement of displaced populations, enhancing the efficiency of aid delivery and ensuring that assistance reaches those on the move. IoT technologies are transforming disaster response from reactive to proactive, minimizing the impact of disasters on vulnerable communities. 

  • Virtual Reality (VR) for Empathy and Training 

Virtual Reality has stepped beyond entertainment to become a powerful tool for creating empathy and providing training to aid workers. VR simulations can recreate the experience of being in conflict zones or disaster-affected areas, allowing humanitarian workers to understand better the challenges affected communities face. 

Furthermore, VR training programs equip aid workers with essential skills, such as medical procedures or psychological support techniques, in a safe and controlled environment. By enhancing understanding and competence, VR technology helps aid workers to deliver more effective and compassionate assistance to those in need. 

  • Biometric Identification for Targeted Assistance 

Biometric identification, including fingerprint and iris scanning, has emerged as a valuable tool for targeted assistance in humanitarian aid programs. By registering beneficiaries through biometric data, aid organizations can ensure that aid reaches the right individuals and prevent duplication of benefits. 

Biometric systems also enhance accountability and reduce the risk of fraud in aid distribution. This technology streamlines aid operations, making them more efficient and reaching the most vulnerable populations with precision. 

ONPASSIVE Contributing to the Humanitarian Aid

ONPASSIVE is a technology company dealing with AI-powered SaaS solutions. Its various products are helping businesses of all sizes to drive growth and revenue. The company always acts first when it comes to contributing to humanitarian aid. After the pandemic, ONPASSIVE had a funding campaign as a part of its CSR activity, where it donated food and other basic essentials to hundreds of people.

Similarly, during the recent Turkey-Syrian earthquake, ONPASSIVE started a donation drive through O-Bless, which is its AI-powered crowdfunding platform. The ‘Lifting Up Humanity’ drive campaign was an effort by the company to provide love and care to the survivors with the goods provided. 

Wrap Up

Technology continues to be a driving force in transforming humanitarian aid, allowing organizations to respond more swiftly and effectively to crises around the world. From drones delivering emergency supplies to AI-driven predictive modeling and blockchain-enabled transparent aid distribution, these innovations are shaping a brighter future for those in need. 

The recent assistance by ONPASSIVE was to leverage technology for humanitarian aid. They made a significant difference in the lives of several people affected by the earthquake in Turkey-Syria. The company hopes that no human ever witnesses such a disastrous turn of events in their life, and also pledges to help humanity whenever in need of assistance.

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