Artificial Intelligence technology is a red hot topic in every industry at present, but AI is generally a broad term incorporating an extensive array of diverse technologies. This article is the first part of the two and will be focusing on the uses of AI tools around the customer lifecycle.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a field of computer science that highlights the invention of intelligent applications and machines that operate and respond like humans, which embraces a massive variety of aptitudes such as speech and vision recognition, machine learning procedures, and grammatical searches.

ONPASSIVE is a smart business solution and soon to launch platform is leveraging the AI technology along with machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and business marketing techniques to develop futuristic tools that can help any business for growth.

The approach entails utilizing techniques before-mentioned as content marketing, SEO, content creation, mass mailing, and other ‘earned media’ to deliver more numbers of visitors to your business site and start their customer lifecycle.

AI & implemented competence prototypes can be utilized at this step to pull more visitors and present those with a more engaging experience who reach your website using these AI-powered tools of ONPASSIVE:

  • AI-generated content: This is the most exciting part of how technology has evolved, where a decade back, businesses had to hire a content writer who had an immense amount of experience to write the content for the company.

Now, AI, with the help of machine learning has reached the heights that they can now write content for you by performing all the research on your behalf and write a blog, review, press releases, marketing campaigns, ad content, etc.

AI writers are beneficial for reporting on a daily basis, information-focused events like quarter revenue reports, sports events, and market information. If you prefer to write on a particular topic like finance, or marketing AI writers can prove to be a fantastic tool that will drive more traffic towards your business.

  • Smart Content Curation: The content curation powered with AI technology enables a business to engage the visitor in a better way by suggesting them or showing them the appropriate and relevant content. The technique generally is found in those customers who bought a particular product will also buy another product, which usually is a go-along product. 

Additionally, this technique can also be applied to blog content suggestions and personalizing site notification more extensively. It is even an excellent idea for the businesses which work based on subscription plans. Where if someone is utilizing it more, device or application will have more data to feed on, and along with machine learning, your business can suggest the users with quality content and growing better every day.

In this part of the article, we have covered what Artificial Intelligence is and how ONPASSIVE- a smart business solution utilizing the abilities of AI to develop the tools that are business intelligence-driven and how these tools can help a business to grow.

In the second part of this article, we will mainly focus on tools like chatbots, predictive analysis, automated marketing, dynamic email, intelligent customer service, app personalization, and lead sourcing.