The impact of technology and social media on businesses is immense. Do you agree? Learn some ways to fuel your business growth

The rapid advancements in technologies have opened up new opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Social media is one of the technologies that facilitate the sharing of ideas, thoughts, and information. As technologies’ scope and complexity have evolved exponentially, new technologies have become accessible to a broader range of customers.

Access to innovative tools and technologies is no longer restricted to large businesses. Small brands can also make use of technology and social media platforms to drive business growth. In this article, our marketing professionals bring to you some smart ways to leverage technology and social media for business growth in 2020 and beyond.

How to Use Technology for Business Growth

Technology offers enormous opportunities for businesses of all sizes worldwide. However, the rapid advancements in technologies are increasing difficulties for firms to getting started with them. Here are specific ways your business can leverage technology to improve productivity and enhance savings.

#1: Connect with Customers

A significant feature of technology is the ability to communicate with people worldwide right at the fingertips. Technology and social media are not only an essential part of an individual’s life but also his/her business. Today, remote working is on the rise owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, technology and social media are an integral part of everyday lives. New technologies and AI-powered tools enable marketers to send emails to their customers simultaneously. 

#2: Enhance marketing tactics

Whatever the business you’re going to start, there is always a need for a solid marketing strategy. Marketing is now easier with marketing automation tools and technologies.

Having an online presence can help businesses to a great extent. As such, companies must focus on creating a mobile-friendly website. Thanks to the advancements in technologies. Now it is easier to build a website with website builder tools.

#3: Leverage Technology as a tool of productivity

Running a small business demands taking care of all tasks in an organization, from hiring to manufacturing to sales. This wide range of functions requires organizations to employ bulk employees. However, financial constraints become a challenge in such situations.

By leveraging technology and social media, businesses can reduce human labor and achieve excellent outcomes. There are several time-tracking tools and productivity tools that entrepreneurs can use to deal with this kind of situation.

#4: Technology to tackle security issues

In today’s digital era, security risks and challenges are on the rise. Technology can be employed by businesses to tackle security challenges. Using information technology, business owners can prevent any breach of security. With active firewalls and encrypted passwords, evasion of this critical problem, in the long run, is even possible. Cybersecurity crimes can be reduced to a great extent by leveraging vital tools and technologies.

How to Leverage Social Media Platforms for Business Growth

Undoubtedly, social platforms for business growth are powerful strategies to drive conversions and raise awareness of the brand. Previously, technology and social media were only used by customers to connect with their friends and relatives. But this is not the same anymore. Today, social platforms for business growth are utilized by B2B and B2C companies to drive leads.

#1: Build a presence on all social platforms for business growth

To realize success, businesses must have an online presence. However, if you are starting with social media marketing, we recommend starting with a few channels and increasing eventually.

While selecting social media platforms for business growth, brands must thoroughly recognize each social media source’s differences and consider target customers’ needs and requirements. This will subsequently help organizations to generate meaningful results and higher ROI. Major B2B business owners find LinkedIn as one of the best social platforms for business growth. On the other side, Facebook and Instagram work well for B2C firms.

#2: Establish a brand persona

Businesses of all sizes must establish a brand persona across all social platforms for business growth. This will serve as the foundation for enhancing social media conversions and ROI. When devising a unique value proposition, consider tailoring it to your customers’ needs and requirements. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are some of the significant social platforms for business growth.

Key Takeaways

By following the tips mentioned in this writing piece, you can use technology and social media to maximize your business profitability. But, your job is not entirely over here. You must continuously track and measure the outcomes of your strategies and make improvements accordingly. Using different technologies and tools, you can measure the engagement received for your posts on various channels. Consequently, you can adjust your social media strategies for the best possible outcome.