The time we are living in today demands greater contributions for soothing the harsh conditions born out of the global pandemic. In this context, non-profit sector has gained more significance than ever. In 2021, you as a non-profit agency must opt for digital marketing strategies for raising money and better serve the communities. Following are the ten creative marketing ideas to help you better with fundraising and rise as an able non-profit organization in 2021:

1. Upgrade your website

Is your non-profit’s site is visible and easily accessible in a Google search? If no, then you must upgrade it and make it more responsive. It should be easier for people to navigate through the content on your website. Make it mobile-responsive for quick and easier access.

2. Boost your social media presence

While having your own business website is crucial, building an active and consistent social media presence is equally important. Social media is a powerful bridge that connects you with your community members and offers you an opportunity to share the excellent work your team is doing. 

Consider posting regularly to keep your followers engaged with your content. You can post industry-related articles, event announcements, program updates, news that you consider appropriate to your cause etc. Also, tag your supporters in these posts.  

3. Set up automation

Exploit automation tools to maximize your return. It will save much of your time while also help you strengthen your relationship with future donors. 

Email marketing is one of the most valuable digital outreach tools that offers a great deal of ROIs. Automated emails provide welcome letters once a person signs up for your email newsletter. They generate a call to action option to guide recipients to take necessary action. They can also give invitations and links to follow your social media pages.

4. Reach out to younger adults

While the older population is at greater risk with regards to health conditions associated with COVID-19, non-profits should consider reaching out more to younger adults. Inspire them to be part of your community and give back to society through the cause you are supporting. Thus, you should consider targeting young people through your digital outreach.

5. Sign up for the Google Ad Grant program 

If your non-profit agency is among the qualifying agencies to sign-up for the Google Ad Grant program, don’t wait to sign up for it. It provides up to $10,000 in free Google ads. These text-only ads will help you expand your reach and build your community.

6. Make use of video messages 

You can give a boost to your digital marketing strategy by sharing video messages over plain text messages. Share these messages from your executive director; hold question-and-answer sessions with your expert team etc. Provide the link of these videos on all your social media pages, website, also you can send them to your supporters as attachment files in emails.

7. Content marketing strategy for all the good reasons!

As a non-profit organization, you are required to reach out and convey your message to the right people. Content marketing strategy is an impactful medium to position your agency as an authority in the respective field. You can also improve your SEO (search engine optimization) if you do appropriate research and use updated keywords in your blog posts generated as part of the content marketing strategy.

8. Organize virtual events 

While organizing fundraising events offline is not possible given the prevailing pandemic situation, consider hosting online events. 

A virtual fundraising event is an excellent opportunity to connect with supporters and fund providers who can support your cause.

9. Set measurable goals

Having clearer and measurable goals is itself a work half done. Set tangible goals like how much donations you want to gain by the end of the year, how many virtual fundraising events you are planning to host in a couple of months etc. With measurable goals, it becomes a lot easier for you to track your progress.

10. Communicate with your community people

Communicate and encourage your community people to share their digital marketing ideas. Get to know what they wanted and what kind of change you can bring as a non-profit, cause-driven agency.

Concluding Thoughts

You, as a non-profit organization, are in greater need today than ever. As prevailing conditions in the world require more people who contribute and support any cause, you must seize the opportunity to rise as an able non-profit agency. This article has explained ten ways to boost your digital marketing strategy and create impact through your organizational work.