social marketing campaigns

Greetings to all our Worldwide Founders on what is beautiful sunny but cold Monday morning here in London in the UK.

Because of the current health crisis that we are all enduring now, I have been spending more time than usual indoors with a lot more to come apparently. This has given me time to review the latest webinar from Ash for a second and third time and I have to say I am more fired up than ever and so looking forward to seeing what happens when the marketing campaigns startups for us in the next couple of weeks or so. With so many people also being forced to stay at home all over the world I see this as an ideal time to get our email and social marketing campaigns started as I believe the results now could be really staggering.

I joined GoFounders back in Mid-August 2018 so I have been waiting quite a long time for this moment to arrive but all I can say is that it has most certainly been worth every minute. ONPASSIVE is now so much more than I could ever have expected and I thank Ash and his team for what is going to be a true life-changing business when it finally launches on what is still an unsuspecting world.

Thank you again, Ash, for your tremendous vision and dedication.