Thank you Ash and family

Have a wonderful day Global Founders. Give a smile to others as you make your way today you never know what someone else may be going through and your smile can make someone’s day. Thank you, Ash, and staff and family for all you’re doing every day for ONPASSIVE.

Thank you leadership council (LC) for all you give to us in your own special ways. You are true leaders who set a positive example for each of us on what it means to give of one’s self with humility. I am grateful that Ash has put his confidence in each of you and like Ash, you move in a spirit of excellence giving of your time and energy to be a bridge for us to our wonderful CEO and friend Ash whose time is so precious right now for sure.

I am glad that you are a strong leader Ash and the bucks stop with you. We are all human and will not always agree with decisions that Ash and leadership make because we all see things from our own perspective’s all the time and that is a good thing and our right to do so, but we must always try to remember that no one is perfect or always right, but if the intention comes from the heart to help someone else that needs to warrant gratitude.

I am sure sometimes the staff may not always agree with Ashes decisions on everything he says or the decisions he may have to make for ONPASSIVE but I am sure they understand that he as the head has more of a clearer vision a birds-eye view so to say, because the bottom line is that it’s his divine vision that he is being guided by at all times.

Ash is so humble and giving that he does not see himself above anyone or better than anyone but he knows the responsibility at the end of the day lies with him and that is why our support means so much to him it’s like fuel to his engines and inner peace is critical to his seeing the whole thing clearly.

As he juggles with many hats, Husband, father of 2 beautiful sons and son to his own parents and family member to his other relations, CEO of ONPASSIVE and most of all servant to his creator who inspired his inner vision in the first place. Ever learning and growing and stretching himself day and night with love in his heart for us beautiful founders leading and guiding us with compassion and grace

A lesser man would have lost focus and patience and composure long ago but when one is anointed to take on a task of this magnitude grace abounds and flows like a river. We have only been shown a small piece of what ONPASSIVE is to become and I am grateful for that because it is fantastic right.

We will continue to be blown away with what Ash chooses to share with us in His perfect timing I am sure. Like he said the suffering children and people of the world are waiting. We will all be blessed to become a blessing. We love you Ash and the leadership council much gratitude and respect and continued support. Peace and love Family. Keep rocking on!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Source: GoFounders Community