thank you Ash

The mentality or even experience of building a business from scratch is not understood by many. It sometimes takes years before you actually break even. What Ash is doing is removing all those hurdles and handing you over a running and serviced car. All you have to do is put in the fuel and sit back because the driver is also provided. From just being inside GOFOUNDERS I can tell at the drop of a hat that millions of dollars have been spend in preparation. That is a solid foundation right there. All the concrete reinforcements and gables; how could a house build upon such a rock-solid base ever fail. 

But I know scepticism is a disease which does affect the inexperienced mind.

All guarantees in place what else would you look for as an excuse to get out except the tiredness and inability of the brain to appreciate the hard work that has gone before us thus far.

Thank you, Ash, even if everyone leaves you and I will be here to see this through.