ONPASSIVE Matt Mihalicz

Thank you, Ash. The webinar was amazing. The information you shared with us today was indeed mind-blowing. The potential we have with ONPASSIVE is staggering. The six O’s alone is definitely going to change many lives and the way things are done online. You certainly were not kidding when you said no matter how big we think ONPASSIVE is, it’s much bigger. Now we see how big it is. I have a feeling it’s even bigger yet. I also believe that a public launch will spin a LOT of heads and create a lot of disappointment in those that chose not to see the vision. Thank you again, Ash, for helping us dream again.

Also, thank you to all the speakers on the call and for the Q&A. I always look forward to Thursdays. Wow, what an amazing journey. I’m so glad I kept my focus on ONPASSIVE and proud to be on this epic journey with all the Founders. CHEERS!!