Blessed be your baby angel son Mr. Ash,

This new angel baby son is a true miracle of God, never let that reality escape your mind as life has its struggles, sickness, and health with a lot of great benefits along the way.

When you have health and wisdom you will go through it with flying colors so to speak.

Speaking from experience really, we brought up five children of our own as well, which are all married presently and doing well, thanking our creator every time we have a chance.

My husband and I wish you and yours health in abundance, wisdom, and wealth to enable you to raise your newly born and the entire family the way you and your wife desire.

Hence, all the good wishes for you, we really wish from the bottom of our hearts a successful launch of ONPASSIVE as well.

This company was indeed your dream and desire to help all that are involved presently and the millions that will be joining from now on. 

Thank you kindly for everything you do on a daily basis.

Stay safe from the coronavirus as we need you.