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17 Sep 2021
2 Min read

Thank You, Sir Ash Mufareh And The Great Engineering Team

GREETINGS to you all great founders… I hope this meets you in STUPENDOUS GOOD HEALTH. We thank sir Ash Mufareh and his great engineering team for this huge dream and the great movement we are in with ONPASSIVE…

We are first very grateful and thank the Almighty GOD that Sir Ash Mufareh and his family are all doing great again, and he is ready to speak with us all in Great Spirit again…

As we look forward to tomorrow’s great FINISHING LINE meeting, I am inviting you as a loving and dedicated founder to participate in these thoughts and questions with me… I hope we are all aware that we are partners in ONPASSIVE as we have been assured on multiple occasions by our great CEO, Sir Ash Mufareh…

If you truly believe that you are a partner in ONPASSIVE, honestly share your thoughts here on what you are expecting to hear from Sir Ash Mufareh tomorrow in this phase of development of ONPASSIVE, which will motivate and empower us as a community as usual…

Thanks for your indulgence. IN IT TO WIN IT… 100% X 100%…

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