Thank you to ASH

Thank you to ASH

When I became a founding member on January 8, 2020, I just knew it was something special, very good. I immediately felt that this was going to change my life and make my business flourish. Finally, I can live a quality life with my family. I can help many people.

I started to read the blog, community site. I learned a lot. I realized that ONPASSIVE will change the world’s economic policy. But it changes the way people think. It also gives hope to those who have not been successful so far. Hope for a more liveable, better life.

Now everyone is sad about the coronavirus epidemic. Let us trust that this situation will soon be resolved! Many people believe that we can provide our children with a better, happier future. Many people’s dreams can come true. So thank you and thank you to ASH and his team for making this happen!

Erzsebet Foldvari

onpassive founder
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    2020.márciusában lettem, alapító tag, ez a rendszer nagyon jó lesz nekem! Elkezdtem olvasni a blogot, a közösségi oldalt. Sokat tanultam. Rájöttem, hogy az ONPASSIVE megváltoztatja a világ gazdaságpolitikáját. De ez megváltoztatja az emberek gondolkodásmódját. Reményt ad azoknak is, akik eddig nem voltak sikeresek. Remélem élhetőbb és jobb életre.
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    Passzív alapító tag!

    1 year ago | 20 March, 2020 4:59 pm Reply

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