We Express Our Sincere Thanks for Mr. Ash Mufareh and Indian Team


Amazing is the ONPASSIVE @ Hi-Tech City – Hyderabad. 
Great work has been and is being done by the professionals. 
It’s fantastic to see these men going to work for us and Mr. Ash Mufareh. 
The entire staff and founding members, board of directors are grateful to the Indian team. 
We Hungarians express our sincere thanks for you and Mr Ash Mufareh. 

Viktoria Gyafras

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  • Avatar Siro Statie

    Thanks to Mr.Ash Mufareh that uses ALL his knowledge, experience, intelligence, wisdom view points, know-how and all the other aspects he has, to create this awesome INDUSTRY and to help those,like myself, that belonged to the 97 % who were not successfull in doing business, to become successfull.
    Thanks to our Mighty God that took care that Mr. Ash got a powerfull Team consisting of the best experts and staff to realize his visions and even more……
    I can’t stop giving him thanks for this incredible opportunty he gave us all to change our Life-style.
    May our Mighty God bless Mr.Ash Mufareh richly and give him more wisdom and knowledge.
    We Are IN IT TO WIN IT.

    4 months ago | 5 November, 2020 1:23 pm Reply

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